Pack it with clothes... OR MONEY!

The man in the overcoat holds the folder out to you, but as you reach for it, he pulls it back.

"Before I give you the files," he says, "let's see the money."

A reasonable request, considering the situation. So you nod, and you place your Travel Hard Wear Matrix roller bag on the table, unzip it slowly, then flip it open so that its contents are hidden from the man's view. And really, you only open it this way to be dramatic--to turn it around slowly and watch the man's eyes alight as he sees all those crisp bills--but it turns out to be the decision that might save your life. Because looking down into the bag, you see no bills, just a bathing suit, a few changes of clothes, and five neatly balled pairs of socks.

See, this is the problem with ordering a three piece set of luggage: you're always playing a game of Which Bag's Got All The Unmarked Bills In It? And since this isn't just any luggage, since this is Travel Hard Wear Matrix luggage, with each piece sporting that lightweight and durable ABS molded hardside exterior, they all look sexy enough to do the job.

But let's be honesty, if you had left earlier, you could've, you know, OPENED THE BAG UP to be sure. Yeah, the more you think about it, the more you realize this is really a time-management issue. You got up early enough, but then you just laid in bed looking at your phone. Like, seriously just staring at it and refreshing your email over and over and over... it was 5am? Who were you expecting to email you?

And to think when smart phones first came out, you scoffed at all the yuppies who bought them right away. You even delivered a few angry rants at parties about how we're all getting too "addicted to access." Then it came time for a new phone, and you didn't want to fall behind, and now you're worse than everyone! But what are you going to do? You can't go back to a flip phone. It's too hard to text. And even now you feel yourself reaching into your pocket for your phone to check your email...

"What are you reaching for??" screams the man in the overcoat, and that's when you remember you're in the middle of a "business" transaction. Quick, come up with something to say. Like, maybe that the socks are made from a rare fabric-like skin from extinct snakes or something? Just use what you learned in that improv class. And NEXT TIME, you'll make sure to do better!

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Travel Hard Wear Matrix 3Pc Hardside Set - Cool Gray

Travel Hard Wear Matrix 3Pc Hardside Set - Cool Gray
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