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Sizes and colors are limited! Why? That's an interesting story...

Did you hear about this accident in Ohio? It's tragic, for real, and we're super glad both drivers made it out relatively okay. But guess what didn't make it out at all? That's right. Like half of our stock on these sheets.

Naturally that's a trade worth making over two human lives, right? We don't need to lose any truckers, and we can totally find more sheets somewhere else! But we can't find them today, and that's the point we're making with this story here. Because of the incident, we've only got what we've got, and there's a good chance our stock on one style or size will sell out faster than you'd expect.

But before you decide, please, take a moment to wish truck drivers Gurvinder and Dempsey the very best as they recover from their listed-as-non-threatening injuries. We certainly do! Get better, fellas!

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800TC Easy Care 6-Pc Sheet Set-6 Colors

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800TC Easy Care 6-Pc Sheet Set-6 Colors
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