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Buy these for your dog. Because they can't shop for themselves.

Bring your dog to the screen. Go on. Point at the screen. Say DOG DOG WE ARE SELLING DOG TREATS. Your dog knows what treats are right? Yes they do! Yes they do know what treats are!

Nothin', right? Your dog probably just looked at you with sad dog eyes and wondered why you were pointing at that weird flashy rectangle that is clearly not a treat.

But if you held out a treat made from New Zealand Green Mussels? A treat that's a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids? A treat that can help a dog's body actively nourish healthy joints? A treat that 's good for young dogs and very good for older dogs? They'd gobble that down like it was peanut butter steak made from cat poop!

See, THAT'S the kind of advertising that WOULD work on dogs! But they can't even read it! Help 'em out, owners. Being the alpha is a great responsibility.

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GREENIES® Hip & Joint CareDental Chew 18oz. (4-sizes)

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GREENIES® Hip & Joint CareDental Chew 18oz. (4-sizes)
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