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Secret rooms are cool, but expensive. Secret fridges are cool, but cheap.

When you moved that tiny fridge to the garage, you figured it would be great for cold water and those after-project beers. And then, out of nowhere, came all your friends. And suddenly, all your beers ended up in the belly of your friends, and not in YOUR belly. And did THEY buy a fridge? Did THEY offer to host projects? No. No, they did not.

So you pick up this fridge that looks like a tool chest, stock it full of beer and water and such, and then sit back and relax. Those freeloading losers will never figure it out! They'll just glance at the chameleon-like design, sigh, and walk out of your garage. Leaving YOU with the beer, and THEM with the sad dry-mouthed frustration.

Aren't secrets cool?

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Versonel Portable Toolbox Fridge-2 Colors

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Versonel Portable Toolbox Fridge-2 Colors
$279.99 In Stock Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining
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