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We’re too caught up in the frenzied celebration of our 10th birthday to write about today's product. Check out this refurbi- uh, classic write-up.

Follow The Teachings Of The Sage (February, 2007): Write-up goes here.

High Priest: In your holy name, o iRobot Roomba Sage 4110, conqueror of Crud and Grime, Vanquisher of Dust Bunnies, Protector of Low-Pile Carpet and Bare Flooring, in fealty to your Convenience Pack, we your devotees come before you to seek counsel in matters grave!

Assembled Acolytes: Guide and protect us, o Roomba!


High Priest: We humbly ask, o great and powerful Sage, that before the rising of the new sun and the expiration of your two-hour battery charge, you reveal to us the true nature of our floors, untainted by demonic particles of household filth!

Assembled Acolytes: Purify our floors, great Roomba!


High Priest: On bended knee, we submit our flooring to your will, by all the powers of your three cleaning modes, your dirt detect feature, your stair avoidance capability! Let it be done as it be asked, o virtuous Sage!

Assembled Acolytes: Stand between us and chaos, mighty Roomba!


High Priest: We lay hands upon your remote control, iRobot Roomba Sage 4110, that you may bless us! May all the dust devils that besiege us be imprisoned within your bagless debris bin, before you return to your self-charging home base and close the turning of the holy circle! May we your children walk upon flooring as pure as your noble heart!

Assembled Acolytes: Don’t miss those Cheeto crumbs, o wise and potent Roomba!


High Priest: So has the iRobot Roomba Sage spoken! We accept thy will, o circular one! May we your children walk upon flooring as pure as your noble heart!

Assembled Acolytes: Thanks for saving us the hassle, triumphant Roomba!

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