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Sometimes it's just better not to know what goes on behind those baggage handler curtains.

If you want my advice, I say take the blue pill. And by "take the blue pill" I mean pack up all your precious belongings in this Travel Hard Wear Luggage and then forget about it. Because if you knew what they're really doing with your stuff back there, you'd go insane.

Just trust that the lightweight ABS construction and divided compartment packing is going to ensure that your lady creams and water bra get to your destination unscathed. After all, it is fully lined. And you placed them in the interior zipper pocket and engaged the recessed, push button locking handle system, right? Oh. You didn't. Well, nothing you can do about it now. Best not to worry about it. It's not like you REALLY have a choice anyway.

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Travel Hard Wear Matrix 3pc Set 3-Colors

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Travel Hard Wear Matrix 3pc Set 3-Colors
$99.99 In Stock Luggage & Bags
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