Dear Diary, dare I join my life with a pre-existing set?

Diary, it seemed so daring to join a non-traditional relationship. But when I met those two different sizes of duffle bags, I was smitten. So lovely! So ready to protect my things! I was concerned, of course, but they made me feel so safe. I just couldn't help myself. I took a chance.

But I guess I just wasn't the sort of person they were all looking for. Max waffled, and I never knew where I stood in Max's life. And Terry never liked me from the start. When Max was there, sure, but when we were alone? It was perfectly clear that I was just an obstacle in Terry's way.

Finally, I gave them an ultimatum. They had to let me choose just one and commit. Only... well, it didn't work out like I had hoped. They chose each other. I had no choice but to move on. I don't regret trying but... I guess, Diary, I just wish things had been different.

But still, at least I've come to know myself better as a mattress. I've grown, haven't I, diary? Haven't we?

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High Sierra Wheeled Duffel (2 sizes)

High Sierra Wheeled Duffel (2 sizes)
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