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Oh, sure, fourth dimensional aliens are great and all... but can they recline?

Yeah, y'all 4D beings are like unto gods to us little backwater 3D characters. You are as far above us as we are above the beings who live inside the TV. By which we mean them ants. Look, we ain't cleaned house in a while, and they're hard to get rid'a.

Anywho, you're all so big and bad and four-dimensional, but here's where we gotcha: just try to recline in four dimensions. Go on. Try. See? You CAN'T! Because reclining takes THREE dimensions! Boy, howdy! And that's why y'all need us, the lowly 3-D people, to teach you 4D's how to kick back with a beer.

Whoa, what's THAT you got there? A HYPER beer? A beer that you can drink forward and backwards in time?

Shucks, guess you 4D people ain't so bad after all. Pull yourself up a seat you will have once been using and have been having yourself a little sit-down. Or however y'all people say it. And hand me one'a them cosmic 40s.

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Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner (2 Colors)

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Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner (2 Colors)
$999.99 In Stock Home & Garden
$999.99 USD false 1 Retail EA
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