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Do you want to say you mixed NOTHING in 2016?

Look back at last year. Remember how it started? You said "This will be the year that I" and then you said something that sounded so plausible. And did you ever live up to your promise? Did you? No. You didn't. You let that "year that I" stuff go right past you. And now, you're going to do it again.

So here's a tip: the secret to keeping your resolutions is to make them easy. Say this: "2016 will be the year that I mix myself a bowl of brownie batter." Or this: "2016 is the year I learn how to bake bread." Or this: "2016 will be the year I make one of those cool shooter's sandwiches completely from scratch, including the two heavy books which I will write in full." Admittedly that last one might be a pushing it a bit.

The trick to keeping resolutions is to make resolutions you can keep. So start now and get it done while the year is still young! Buy a stand mixer and when it arrives you can get started on the brownies, or bread, or the two heavy books about a mixer and the man or woman it loves. And then, when 2017 rolls around, you won't feel like you did nothing. And even if you do, at least you'll have a bunch of brownies to keep you company.

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