Art you can count on one hand. Literally.

Hey, art is serious stuff. But how much art is REALLY going to be "investor" quality? That's an easy answer. One tenth of one tenth of one tenth. And, guess what? All that art is already in the hands of rich people who keep passing it back and forth. You can't win playing the "who has the best art" game.

But the "who has the MOST art" game? Oh, now THAT'S A different story! Because while Rich Rich Mc Billionaire is spending twenty million on a single painting, YOU can spend a much smaller amount on these six piece art sets! Imagine! The 1% have big empty rooms, but YOU have art on each and every wall! Who wins at THAT game? HUH?

And who wants to play the game of "let's buy an island" anyway? "Who has the most art" is really where it's at.

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Five Piece Art Sets (5 Styles)
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