Dear Diary... have you ever felt like you're a mattress that will never find your one true love?

Hello, Diary. It's me again. This week I had another set back in my never ending quest for love. I thought I met a wonderful pack of crackers, but he only made a mess of my life. I had to kick him out! If only I could meet someone like the 500 Thread Count Bedding Set my friend Angela is dating.

Oh, I see the way he adds comfort and support to her life, the way the work as a team to create a bedding experience that anyone can enjoy. And I think... why can't a mattress like ME have something like that, instead of just blind dates with Netflix?

That having been said, Daredevil is really good. Like, they put some work into that. There are some scenes that will just make you say "I wanna watch that again!" And if I were out every night, would I have missed it? I very well might have!

Maybe, Diary, this is just where I'm supposed to be at this stage of my life. I guess we'll have to see.

Your lovelorn friend,

The Mattress.

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