Cooks faster. Not smarter. But faster.

A Fissler Pressure Cooker is, without a doubt, one of the fastest ways you could make your famous boiled pork brownies. But a Fissler Pressure Cooker is NOT going to be smart enough to tell you "Pork Brownies? That's disgusting! Why are you making that? Stop it this instant!" That's where the human factor has to come into play.

Because, you see, as impressive as the silent and steam-free cooking may be, the Fissler Pressure Cooker isn't capable of making its own decisions regarding... well, regarding your sanity. So if you want to make Sauerkraut Almondine Kiev Bleu, it won't leap up and throttle you until you cease. It'll just help you complete that nightmare chow as quickly as possible.

So grab a Fissler and cook faster than ever! Just please keep your recipes on the side of the angels.

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Fissler Pressure Cookers - 3 Styles

Fissler Pressure Cookers - 3 Styles
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