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Upholding the tradition of the long line of duos before it.

History has taught us that with their powers combined, duos can accomplish a lot.

Many great duos have come and gone -- whether it was Batman & Robin, Hall & Oates, or Bert & Ernie. Fictional and nonfictional, duos have storied pasts.

From the comedy stylings of Abbott & Costello to the slams and jams of Kobe & Shaq. There's the geographical advantages of twin cities such as Minneapolis & St. Paul and there's the widely popular smoothie flavor of Strawberry Banana.

We've listened to the tunes of Simon & Garfunkel, we've spent hours cuddled up reading Pride & Prejudice, and who can forget the times at the little bar on 2nd & Main? You know the one.

So given the track record of duos, why would you want anything but a duo-temp espresso machine like this Breville Duo-Temp™ Espresso Machine? Y'know what? Don't answer that. After all, why would you want to spend precious time trying to answer that question when instead you could be buying one of these espresso machines to have as your very own?

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Breville the Duo-Temp™ Espresso Machine

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Breville the Duo-Temp™ Espresso Machine
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