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Sing Singer songs. Singer loud. Singer along.

A machine that's going well is said to hum. But can a Singer hum? Or does it sing? And if it sings, does it owe royalties to whomever first created the rhythm at which it moves? Or does someone else owe royalties to the Singer for ripping the Singer off?

This is the world we live in now, where even the tiniest creative idea must be monetized to the fullest extent or lost to the creator forever. Is there a solution? Maybe. Do we know it? Certainly not. All we know is that by buying this Singer you take yourself out of the loop of people who can be sued by the Singer for ripping the Singer off.

Protect yourself. Ally with this Singer before the lawyers appear. Because one day "Motor Turning As Someone Sews A Dress" might be a smash hit. And when that day happens, do YOU want to be accused of being the scammer? Or do you want to point to a receipt and say "Hey, I got there FIRST!"

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Singer Futura Sewing Machine: You Pick!
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