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Ah, the family barstool. So many great memories waiting to happen.

It's where you set your first baby for just a second when nobody's looking and you've got to use both hands to open a beer. It's where you'll stack the laundry basket when you'd rather run and play video games. It's what your babysitter will balance against the door so she can hear it fall if you walk in before her boyfriend leaves and it's what your nephews will use as a base while playing tag at the annual family reunion.

To be fair, it's also what you're going to stub your toe on a 4 AM fridge raid and what you'll knock over on the dog by accident and what you'll drag out to the deck on a Sunday afternoon and forget about until Wednesday morning in the middle of your financial meeting.

But that's how you'll know it's just part of the family. You'll take it for granted that it'll always be there.

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Arrowback Stool (2 Sizes - 5 Colors)

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Arrowback Stool (2 Sizes - 5 Colors)
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