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If you sent this vacuum to post-graduate studies, it could wind up as Doctor Hoover.

1st Doctor Hoover - worked in a junkyard, cleaned old carpets alongside his granddaughter attachment, met his end facing the Cybermaids

2nd Doctor Hoover - spent a lot of time cleaning Yeti furs with a special attachment from Scotland, made a thoughtful flute-like noise when the engine was activated, eventually captured by his own people and exiled

3rd Doctor Hoover - trapped in the living room, fought to escape to roam the house again, battled against the goatee-wearing Vacuumaster, often pursued by other vacuums in a high-speed chase, accidentally vacuumed up some spiders and required cleaning

4th Doctor Hoover - lasted a strangely long time, briefly elected Lord President Of All Vacuums, got stuck on some bubble wrap, eventually fell off a tower while trying to clean up the Block Transfer Carpetutations

5th Doctor Hoover - had a little bit of celery stuffed in the handle, traveled with a much-hated attachment that eventually broke at the hands of the Cybermaids, ended up getting jammed while cleaning up some spilled liquid in a mine, kinda okay overall

6th Doctor Hoover - original plan to use a blue or black bag overruled by a multi-color design. Cleaned up scrap yard. Bag emptied far too early after someone knocked it over onto a console

7th Doctor Hoover - very good at far-reaching decisions and multi-level long-term cleaning. Got tangled in looms and hidden in a closet. Finally loaned to a neighbor in America

8th Doctor Hoover - seen once, mostly just heard audio through the wall, wound up in a john

9th Doctor Hoover - only briefly used after being returned

10th Doctor Hoover - some people say this one sucked the least

11th Doctor Hoover - somehow wound up in a river and became useless


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