Like a million tiny superheroes all fighting the bad things on your skin.

Hey, have you seen that movie? The one with the tiny guy? No? Oh, wow, you should! It's fun! Of course, by the time you read this that movie with the tiny guy might be out of theaters. If you didn't see it, you missed it. You missed your chance. And why do we bring this up? Because it's a metaphor for today's sale.

That's right. Today's sale is a warrior who'll fight the tiny bad guys that each day attempt to attack and age your skin. But guess what? This sale also isn't going to stay around very long! You can't be all "Oh, I'll see it in the future" because what if you get to that future and it's gone? WHAT THEN? It's not like this sale will be out on DVD in a month or so!

Take the power of tiny devastation and use it to strip away the bad to make room for the good. And also maybe look around for some gauntlets. Yeah. You might need those when Phase Three starts up next summer.

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MicrodermMD Home Machine

MicrodermMD Home Machine
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