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Travel is annoying enough. Get luggage you can trust.

The guy in front of you has a paper back full of cough syrup. The woman behind you is wearing nine pairs of boots and has to take them off one at a time. The person on your left has 300 bracelets they refuse to take off before passing through the scanner, and the person on your right is muttering about jury nullification into their plastic bag full of toothpaste and shampoo. You just want to get through the line so you can get some water before you fly. And that's why you want some reliable luggage. Because the only thing worse than air travel are the people around you as you air travel, and you don't want to be in that line even a SECOND more than you have to be.

When properly packed, this luggage will let you walk up, slap your stuff down on the belt, and keep moving. See those little wheels? They work. See that impact resistant shell? Who cares if that slaps into some strangers case? See that handle? Pop it out and get the heck out of the way while Pocket Knife Joe decides today's the day to debate if his machete qualifies as carry on luggage. Because, let's be honest here, that's NOT a debate he's going to win at the gate.

Freedom requires vigilance, sure. But it's pretty clear that freedom takes a car these days. So if you still want to fly, get some decent luggage, keep your head down, and get through security as quietly and politely as you can. The lawyers can debate the minutia of legally. You just gotta get on the plane.

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