The power of 15 cyclones. FIFTEEN.

Can you even wrap your head about how many cyclones fifteen cyclones actually is? That's 15 TIMES MORE CYCLONES than the ones that caused Hollywood classic The Wizard Of Oz (1939) to happen! Can you imagine if The Wizard Of Oz (1939) was 15 TIMES BETTER? What might have happened to society? Let's imagine together...

1939 - The Wizard Of Oz, now 15 times better, is released

1940 - After a full year of non-stop viewing, most of America's economy has shifted to transporting people to and from the movies.

1941 - With the nation spending every waking hour at the movies, Japan invades with no casualties. The first thing the conquerors do is go to see where everyone is hiding.

1941 - Japanese High Command lose touch with the first invasion forces.

1942 - Chinese troops invade an abandoned Japan and find plans to force British troops to build a yellow brick road across to California.

1943 - Stalin's spies deliver him a print of The Wizard Of Oz and insist he immediately watch it because it's amazing.

1944 - The One-Year Plan to transform Soviet society into an exact copy of the world of Oz concludes. American ambassadors announce a new and eternal bond with the glorious Sovioz people and Russia becomes the first theme park.

1945 - Albert Einstein wins the Nobel Prize for his famous phrase "O=z to the 15th power."

1949 - The tenth anniversary of The Wizard Of Oz sees a re-release of the film, but since it's never left theaters, the format of 3-D is used so people can watch the movie twice in the same viewing.

Now imagine what this cyclone can do for your carpet!

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