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Hold up. Somebody needs to tell us what a "ramekins" is and somebody needs to tell us right now.

We're not totally lost in a kitchen, you know. We can make potato enchiladas and cauliflower-crust pizza. We've turned a loaf of bread into a bowl of soup, and we've turned soup into a casserole dish. But when looking through the list of what comes in this Corningware 7-Piece Set... we really need some explanation.

The 3-Quart Roaster? We get that. Super clear. The 2.5-Quart Deep Baking Dish? Easy. Conceptuaized in a flash. The 20-Ounce Side Dishes? We understand them in full. And the lid! Who doesn't understand what a lid can do?

But then, we're faced with the words "two 7-Ounce Ramekins" to close out the list. And we feel the terror begin. Our eyes close. Our teeth gnash. Our hands begin to shake and our legs tremble. The voice of our father echoes in our heads. That's right, we're all related. And none of us kids have any idea what a "ramekins" is. And none of us can believe that there's someone out there who DOES know.

So please, once you get this CorningWare 7-Piece Set and open it up, send us back an explanation of what the "ramekins" actually DOES? It'd be super helpful in case we ever sell this again.

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CorningWare 7-Pc Set (4 Colors)

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CorningWare 7-Pc Set (4 Colors)
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