When it all goes bad, they call us in. I'm MacTaggert. He's Dyson. We're detectives.

MacTaggart, glad you're here.

What have we got?

It's a middle-aged man, blonde hair, looks like he was attacked from behind. We found this white powder on his-


DYSON, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? We talked about this, buddy!

Oh, well, that's great, MacTaggert. There goes all the evidence.

Look, I'm sorry. My partner can't help it. He's designed to clean things quick and he takes that seriously. 

You know what I take seriously, MacTaggert? Justice. Justice that we aren't going to get because your partner cleaned up the crime scene! What do I do now? Huh? Tell me what I do now?

Well... hey! What's that over there? It looks like a note!

It does... it IS! It's a note made out of lint! Looks like our middle-aged man had time to arrange all this lint into the killer's name and address! Don't touch it, don't even breathe! I'll go get the photo guy.

Well, Dyson. Looks like this case is all wrapped up. Put it there, partner.



MacTaggert! What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????

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