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This purifier cleans and filters the air of 99.97% of allergens. But no invisible monsters.

Ghosts. Goblins. Moffattisms. Not Me. Every day thousands of invisible creatures pass through our lives spreading terror and weirdness and dotted lines. So let's just go on record here: the Honeywell Air Purifier only clears out scientific things. Pollen? Pet dander? Bad smelling smoke? Sure! That'll all get caught in the 0.3 micron filter and give you a better smelling home. But for the poltergeist smashing dishes in the kitchen? Or the banshee wailing away out back? Or even the scowling faeiry king who lives among the mushrooms in the wee hours before dawn?

Well, for those, you're gonna have better luck calling an exorcist. Maybe a fortune teller. Or that friend of yours who says he has a genie. Maybe he could do something for you. But not the Honeywell Air Purifier. The Honeywell Air Purifier will only clear away things that obey the physical laws of nature.

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Honeywell HEPAClean Tower Air Purifier

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Honeywell HEPAClean Tower Air Purifier
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