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The cold months are the best time to get candy by mail. It's like a big fridge out there.

Candy is not just perishable, it's the MOST perishable. And the reason is simple. Candy never gets the same protections as things like, you know, ice.

If you're hauling ice from place to place, you'll be extra careful. You'll use cold-hauling trucks, and you'll go quickly, and you'll know right away if your ice turns into water. But with candy? Boy. Not everyone takes the same precautions with candy. And as long as the box gets there, they'll assume it's a-ok inside.

Which is why winter is a GREAT time to have candy shipped! When's the last time you saw something melt in November? Face it, unless there's a giant comet headed toward Earth, no heat source is close enough to make the outside warm enough to melt candy. And if a giant comet IS headed toward Earth, candy should be the very last thing on your mind. Get some perspective, jeez.

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