24 hour ice cream party? No problem! Just buy more sheets.

Oh, man, we've all been there, haven't we? It's Friday night and we're just about to get off shift in our job as hotel housekeeper when suddenly in come twenty laughing bozos with t-shirts that read "We Party With Ice Cream! Bedroom Social Club 2015" and they all start getting keys to the rooms we're scheduled to clean on Monday. What a nightmare! And it seems to happen all the time!

Friends, when this comes up, it's no longer a cleaning disaster worthy of weeping and gnashing. When this comes up, just grab an armful of 1200 thread count sheets and sprint back to those rooms while the bozos are still wasting time asking room service if they carry pistachio ripple. Put those sheets on the bed layer by layer. Then relax! Let them have their fun! The thread count means those bozos will be so happy all weekend long. And then, when you come back on Monday, all you'll have to do is throw some ice-creamed sheets into the washing machine and push a button. Couldn't be simpler. Couldn't be more easy.

And with the time you'll save, perhaps you can speak to the hotel owner about canceling the 2017 Bedroom Chili & Bacon Cook-Off that's recently appeared on the schedule. Where are these people even coming from lately?

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1200TC 4-Piece Sheet Set-7 Colors

1200TC 4-Piece Sheet Set-7 Colors
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