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Add comfort to your mattress in one gel swoop.

Based on our experience with gel, it usually works wonders when we're in a crunch.

When we wake up with a terrible smell coming from our armpits, we throw gel deodorant on it. When we're having a bad hair day, we throw some styling gel on our hair. When we want a sandwich that's more than just peanut butter, we add jelly, an edible form of gel that is spelled a little differently.

Considering all the things gel has done for us in the past, we see no reason to believe that gel won't also assist us in getting a good night's sleep, and when you've got a mattress topper like this Simmons Curv 4in Reversible Gel Topper, it only supports our argument. So, not enjoying your current mattress? Throw some gel on it.

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Simmons Curv 4in Reversible Gel Topper-5 Sizes

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Simmons Curv 4in Reversible Gel Topper-5 Sizes
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