Also for use by tiny people. Seriously. We've tested it in the office.

These pet beds are designed for a pet. They're both about the size of a great big work desk, so you can just stuff the bed under your desk or put the couch beside your desk and look down at your pet lovingly. But guess what? This stuff is made my the nice people at Serta, who know how to make beds for people too. And that makes them both as comfy as a people bed AND POSSIBLY MORESO (if you've got a cheap bed) which means you, tiny person, could use these as your own mattress if you so desire.

Or maybe you don't think of them as a primary! Think of this stuff as your second bed, the bed you can use at work when you need to take a nap but don't want anyone seeing you taking a nap. Just duck down under your desk, curl up like a puppy, and doze your way to dreamland. If you sleep with your pet, let 'em join you! It's comfy for every species!

Except maybe a fish. A fish would not be comfortable lying in the air.

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Serta Extra Large Pet Beds - 2 Styles

Serta Extra Large Pet Beds - 2 Styles
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