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Smooth out the wrinkles in your clothes! And the plots of your upcoming summer blockbusters.

Irons, man. Adding one to your life can take a lot of stress and just wipe it right out. Like, imagine you've got a friend who looks sloppy. Really sloppy. And he's having trouble because he's got to match red-and-blue with black and then throw in some gold and maybe a bit of green and also wants to wear a swimsuit nobody's ever seen before and then top it all of with a cool looking bit of metal that really should be the center of a whole different wardrobe. What are you going to say? Well, nothing, because he's going to look terrible, and there's nothing you can do about that. It's just going to suck.

But what you CAN do it take your iron and clean up YOUR wardrobe. Make sure those fashion accessories you added in your last outing mesh well. Make sure that the red, white, and blue belt you're probably going to discard ends up over by that golden glove you're gonna wear in 2019. And, most importantly, make sure you've got no wrinkles in what you're presenting. Because if you're going to be standing right next to your friend with no taste, you've got to be TWICE as presentable or everybody will assume you're both together.

That's what you do with an iron, man. You let it make your style even better.

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Rowenta Focus Steam Iron Purple 1725-Watt
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