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The act of writing about a blender is complex and deep. Mostly because EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT A BLENDER IS.

When did you first learn what a blender was? Do you remember? Probably you really don't. They've been around in one form or another since before World War II, after all.

For most of us reading this, there was no manual to read and no learning curve. We saw them on TV, and in old cartoons, and in new cartoons, and in comic books and newspaper photos and at home and at friends' houses. And much like the language we speak, our tiny child minds picked up the important parts of what a blender was and what it meant to us. There's no real moment when BLENDER entered our personal lexicon. It just was kinda always there.

So how to explain something that was always there? Do you need an explanation of how a wall works, or the way a cup holds liquid? Blenders are blenders. They do the job they were named after. This one just happens to be better at it than some models.

Maybe that's the important part, then. Maybe that's what you should take away.

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