You know what this deep fryer needs? A PROMO POSTER!!!

Lately we here at Woot have been thinking: why is it people go to movies? Is it the adventure? The excitement? The escapism? We don't think so! In fact, we really think there's only one reason that people go to movies. What's that reason, you ask? Easy.

The posters!

So all this week, in honor of our exciting Kitchen events happening down the page in our Woot Plus sales, we'll be replacing the writeup with a movie poster done in a classic style by our own in-house designer. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Also, we hope you show that enjoyment by buying lots of items from the Woot Plus sales. Just like how you buy popcorn and candy to show your appreciation for the movie you're watching!

Oh, you say you always sneak that sort of thing in? Ohhhh man. Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all.


Wednesday's Exciting Poster:

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T-Fal Oil Filtration EZ Clean Immersion Deep Fryer
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