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Who knew origami could be so useful! 

Finally! A product that brings together the convenience of kitchen counter space with the elegant beauty of Japanese paper folding arts. Now, don't have the PDF instructions for assembling this product, but we can provide them right here (without pictures): 

  • Fold A to B 
  • Fold C to D
  • Pinch AC to BD
  • Unfurl the "tail" near CB
  • Fold A to B again
  • Insert washer C1.23
  • Clamp shut firmly to 40PSI
  • Fold everything you can
  • Use fingernails to add creases
  • Get frustrated
  • Unfold it all and start over again
  • Call your mom 

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Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Cart (3 Colors)

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Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Cart (3 Colors)
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