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Shelves. The elves that silence you.

SHHHH say the tiny creatures that flit through your apartment. SHHHH go the itty bitty monsters as they flit across the room. They're the Shhh Elves, you see, and they keep things nice and quiet in every home. But they need a place to build their villages, don't they? These Shhh Elves need some Origami Shelves of their own on which to reside.

Thankfully we've got just enough to hold your clothes or sheets or whatever, while ALSO leaving room for a few Shhh Elves to keep the peace. But be careful! Shhh Elves are the natural prey of Screamons, who'll come charging in to yell as they devour your peaceful shelf citizens! Only by using Origami Shelves can you keep the Screamons at bay. Don't buy other shelves! DON'T! WE'RE WARNING YOU NOT TO AND YOU'D BETTER LISTEN!!

Sorry we had to raise our voice. All our Shhh Elves got devoured because we used sub-standard non-Origami shelves in our home. That's how we know. Because we lived it.

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Origami Heavy Duty Closets -2 Colors
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