The State Fair isn't here just yet... but in your heart? In your heart, it's now.

There's a point in every man's life when he needs a fried Oreo. There's a point in every woman's life when she needs a fried tomato. There's a point in every child's life when when they need a fried candy bar. And there's a point in every human's life when they need a big plate of French fries and hush puppies and fish and maybe some sort of corn dog.

Don't be scared. The Phillips Air Fryer will be there for you. Even when you reach the point that you're trying to make fried Coke and sugared elephant ears and all that high-end nonsense. If you can batter it, the Phillips Air Fryer will fry it.

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Philips Viva Airfryer - Black

Philips Viva Airfryer - Black
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