Take a stand for the television shows you believe in. Well, don't just TAKE the stand. Buy it, please.

Some people stand up for creator's rights. Some people stand up for better written scripts. Some people stand up for better acting. Some people even stand up for more offensive comedy to better support freedom of speech. And some people just want to stand up the TV so they can watch whatever's on. If you're in THIS group, be happy! We've got a TV stand for you!

And be aware: the TV stand has no pre-existing opinions about politics or controversial social situations. If you don't like that show, it doesn't like that show either! If you think the actress is doing the best she can under the conditions she's forced to work around, so does the Gosford TV Stand! All it wants to do is make a stand for what you believe in.

And additionally, hold your TV upright.

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Gosford TV Stand

Gosford TV Stand
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