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It's not a trash can't, people. FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT

Can. Can can can can CAN CAN can can can can CAN CAN can can can can can. CAN can CAN can CAN can CAN.

Be aware that every time you high-kick past this iTouchless Trash Can the lid will open. How? Why? Is it magic or some sort of system of gnomes and pulleys? NAY, SAY WE! Because the iTouchless Trash Can is powered by the MAGIC OF THE DANCE!

No hand contamination. No fingers to be washed. No weird wet points of contact that feel strangely unlike anything you've thrown away in the past week. All you need is a spin, a lunge, a high kick, and a bow toward the audience that ends in a simple act of disposal.

Until the advanced-seal technology includes the sound of applause, this is as close to the dumpsters behind Broadway as you're gonna get.

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iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can
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