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Tigers and wolves hunted alongside barbarians of old. But you can't leave boar skins lying about the apartment.

Odds are good your pet is a "normal" pet like a cat or dog. And odds are good, your cat or dog would be perfectly happy lying on some defeated beast's pelt. Oh, don't get so spooked, you know these domesticated beasts have the hearts of warriors.  It's just how things were!

But back then, a wild beast would lie happily on a bloodied pelt from its prey, gnawing the bones with a greedy, triumphant face. They'd probably still do that today. But today, we have these things called "landlords" and they don't really care for bloodied pelts on their floor.

So get your pet a nice snuggly bed they can curl up on and enjoy. And then, they can bring down the boars in their dreams.

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PawMate Orthopedic Pet Beds
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