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Cool is constantly growing into something new. Just like facial hair.

In the 1970s it was cutting edge to have a big ol' 'stache. In the 1980s, it was cool to have just a teeny bit of stubble. In the 1990s, everybody was pretty clean shaven. In the 2000s, there sure were a lot of goatees around, weren't there? And the 2010s seem to be all about the 'staches again. If you're a fan of patterns, maybe you'll notice one is forming.

So we're not going to get in your way, it's your face, after all. But if you want to stay cool, you're going to need to get ready to be stubbly, then clean, then goateed. And if you want to do all that, you're going to need a razor. And if you need a razor... well, again, you're good with patterns. You can see where this particular pattern ends up.

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Braun COOLTEC CT2CC Shaver Black

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Braun COOLTEC CT2CC Shaver Black
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