Dear Diary, I've done it. I've finally found love.

Diary, this might be my last entry. I simply don't need you any more. I've found a wonderful, many-faceted relationship that will probably keep forever. I wake up in the morning and savor it all, as fresh and perfect as the night before. My love handles the warmest moments, the coldest nights, and it doesn't absorb stains or odors and is BPA-free.

That's right, Diary. I've fallen for Pyrex. But don't worry, we're being safe. Dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe.

Oh, Diary. Aren't you happy for me? At last I've found a place to put my heart and seal the lid.

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Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids
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