A four pack of pillows isn't something you're going to find at some crappy flea-bitten hotel, no no no.

You go into a hotel, like, a really really good hotel, and what do you expect? Excess. You expect a bed that' s too big, a balcony you'll never use, a bathtub that could hold a small army, a million freakin' towels, and pillows. Oh, man, more pillows than you could possibly sleep on. You want pillows scattered on the floor, the desk (which, by the way, you won't ever need) beside the clock-radio (which should be so complex you'll never figure out how to even turn it on) and maybe just one or two left for the bed. That's the kind of hotel a person can call exquisite.

And that's why you're looking at four pillows here in this four pack of Exquisite Hotel pillows. Not because we think you need four pillows personally. But because we think you need the option of which pillows go behind your head and which pillows go across the room on the seven-drawer dresser. Not the dresser you'll ever put anything in, of course. You're not unpacking that suitcase. But it's still nice to have the option.

Which is what an exquisite hotel is really all about. Offering you options. Even if they know you'll never ever take them.

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4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes

4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes
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