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We hear this is what reggaeton DJ's use to clean their house.

Hello? Oh, hello there, Landlord. Yes, you're right, today is in fact our cleaning day. How did you know? Did you hear the sound of our Bissell Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum?

Oh, I see. You heard my husband yelling REEEWINNND after every pass of the vacuum. Yes, I'm sorry for that. He's been really getting into a lot of modern reggae music and- no, no, of course not, we don't do anything like that in our apartment. He just likes the beat, and how the DJ will stop and go back and do it all again. It's hard to stop him, you know, since that means we've got a very clean floor.

Why, yes, the Bissell Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum is made to get all those pet-specific spills and stains and such, so it's perfect for us. He probably doesn't even need to use it as much as he does. But he does so love his Saturday Afternoon Megamix Sweep-up. Today's he's playing Shaggy and trying to get the cat hair out of our shag carpet.

Oh, you're looking at our rental paperwork and you don't see a cat listed on the lease? Ha ha! REEEEEWINNNNND!!!

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Bissell Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum

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Bissell Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum
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