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Whoever said you can't take it with you just didn't have the right luggage.

The Grim Reaper is coming for us all. And there are only two ways you can play it. One: get really good at chess. Like, REALLY good. So good you can win money from those guys who sit at the boards in the park, like, three times out of five. Because that's what it's gonna take to beat the Grim Reaper, people. He plays like a Russian.

Or... you could just get some really cool luggage and have it with you at all times. The Grim Reaper shows up, you'll just say "Hey! Great! Totes ready to go here!" and then you'll point at your luggage and snap your fingers. He'll be offended, of course, and he'll tell you he can't possibly carry your luggage. And then what will you do? You'll look him in the eye and snap your fingers, pointing at your luggage with your other hand.

Naturally, the Grim Reaper will storm off in a rage to complain about how insulting behavior. And do you know what that means? That means you got more life! All thanks to some nice luggage that looks pretty good as your hauling it around.

Or you can try to go all Highlander on everything and stay alive the longest. But if you do that... you know... Zeist... Mario Van Peebles... so basically it's better to just use the luggage method.

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