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Never go to bed angry at your mattress topper.

It's a well-known fact that mattress toppers are jerks. Always looking down their smug Super-soft luxury circular-knit fabric covers at you. They don't think they're better than the futon you've been sleeping on since college. They know it. And it infuriates you.

But listen. Keep your cool. There's a reason you fell in love with this mattress topper. And when tensions run high, it's best to reflect on the good times. The therapeutic, pressure-relieving Sensor-FOAM good times.

Besides, the best part of fighting with your SensorPedic mattress topper is the sexy, springy make-up sleep. Admit it. You like the drama.

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Sensorpedic 2in 3Zone Memory Foam Topper

Sensorpedic 2in 3Zone Memory Foam Topper
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