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Iron. The only element that can make your clothes look nice.

If you have a big date at a fancy party, do you run helium over your shirt? If you're going to a job interview, do you plutonium out the creases in your slacks? No way! But you certainly iron out the trouble in your life over and over again. And that's why, when it comes to the elements you want in your house, all you need is iron! And maybe a little iodine and oxygen.

But, mostly, you need STEAM FORCE TECHNOLOGY! And what other element can make steam? Hydrogen? Oxygen? Pffft. No, seriously, that's the sound hydrogen and oxygen makes as it turns into steam. And that's the sound you'll hear as you pull the trigger of this iron, as it shoots 30% more steam into the very guts of the fabric, making it warm, unwrinkled, and lovely.

Good luck getting sulfur to do THAT, right? It barely gets out of bed in the morning.

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Rowenta Steamium Steam Iron
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