Today's Woot Write-up

You never know what you're going to find in those food storage containers. That's just the risk you take.

All right, people. We're going to open up this break-room fridge and give you a little peek. You've got two minutes to assess the potential value of the contents in each container, and then we'll start the bidding. But I warn you, they're not all in Pyrex containers, so it could get ugly.

Ready? Here we go.

_Ooh. Look at the one in the back. Is that lasagna, or moussaka? If it's lasagna, I'm in for three, maybe four Kit Kats.

_OK, I see a sandwich, can't make out the type of lunch meat. No lettuce, and definitely mustard. If only it had mayo instead.

_There's a sort of green-bean-casserole-looking thing behind those baby carrots, but it may have been in there since last Thanksgiving. What do you think? Pass?

_No one's looking at the container behind the pickle jar. No, the other pickle jar. No, not that one either. The one with the sad half of spear floating all by itself. See it? Yeah, I bet no one's bidding on that one. We should go for it. I'd go five or six Diet Rites, at least. Maybe an Orange Fanta to sweeten the deal. Man, I hope it's Jim's wife's meatloaf.

_All I'm saying is, avoid the container kinda in the middle next to the expired half n' half. I stole it out of the fridge last week, but put it back because it was NOT good. And you know me. I'll eat anything.

OK, people. That's all the time you get. We'll start the bidding with the container under the pizza box. Can I get a Ding Dong, or maybe a pudding cup? One pudding cup there, thank you. How about two? There we go! Two pudding cups. Now gimme three. Looking for three pudding cups. No? OK, going once ... going twice ... sold to the guy with two pudding cups! Congratulations. Now do us all a favor and open that in the other room, will ya?

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