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If you fold it up and use it to carry things, it'll be your bag rug.

If you really like it, you've got a brag rug

Use it only on a mountain and you've got a crag rug.

Let the end of it touch the ground as you walk and you're using a drag rug.

Tie it to a pole and enjoy your flag rug.

Does the color make you sick? You've got a gag rug.

Let it age and repurpose it as a rag rug!

Keep it until it gets droopy and you've got a sag rug.

Put it on a male deer and enjoy your stag rug.

Impress your dog with it and it's a wag rug.

Don't want it to be a zig rug? You've got a zag rug!

How else will you use your Shag Rug?

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Safavieh Shag 8' X 10' Rugs - 8 Choices!
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