Baker's Secret 8-Piece Bakeware Set

by wootbot

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun

This baker has a big secret. And it's not just that she can't bake to save her life. 

Pamela looked down at the 8" round cake pans she had just pulled out of the oven. The cakes were deflated, much like her spirits as of late.

"Maybe the cupcakes will be better," she thought optimistically. But 20 minutes later, she had a non-stick muffin pan filled with half-baked cake sludge. She threw the pan across the room, splattering the walls with molten hot batter.

"Why is this so hard for me?" she yelled out in frustration. But she knew the answer. It was karma. Her failure in the kitchen was a direct result of her betrayal.

The truth is, she was having an affair with Rod. And not just since his divorce from Sylvia. It had been going on for years. But that's not all. Pamela was the reason Sylvia had fled. Pamela was the one who had hired Mike. Not to "take care of the situation" like he had offered numerous times. No, no. Just to keep an eye on her. To make sure she never caught on to the affair.

But Pamela had no idea Mike was being watched by those two cops. And she never would have dreamed that Sylvia would see them watching the building and think that it was her past catching up with her. The saddest part about this whole thing? Sylvia was running from nothing.

Pamela looked at the large and medium cookie sheets and considered making chocolate chip cookies. "Can't possibly screw those up as badly as everything else in my life," she thought.

But instead, she put them away with the loaf and oblong pans, and threw a frozen pizza on the pizza pan.

Forty-five minutes later, she was fanning the smoke from the charred disk of pepperoni and cheese she had forgotten in the oven.