Fleur de Sel Salted Chocolate Carmels

by wootbot


There's not a lot in life that a few Fleur de Sel candies won't improve. Something to remember when deciding on snacks for a bad movie.

Honor could see James down at the front, and Byron close beside him. She took the seat closest to the door, in the back. She had her dog-eared copy of the script and her Fleur de Sel caramels in her bag.

"You are a ninja, young man! You have a code of honor!"
"And yet, I am sworn to destroy Master Von Santoku, the monster who killed my father!"
"You'll never survive Ninja Court, my child. As your lawyer, I think you should take this!"

The room was silent, which allowed Honor to concentrate on the mix of milk chocolate and salty, buttery caramel. She also had some dark chocolate caramels down at the bottom of her bag, but she was saving those. Just in case.

"And now, Slicer Prime, I shall defeat you the way I defeated L'Vail Boz!"
"How? What is it you say?"
"That's right- by leaping off this ladder… into your FACE!"

Honor had decided that nothing was going to deter her from being professional. This was HER movie, as much as it was Byron's or James's or that strange kid who always wore a headband to class. And, until she got her grade, she was going to say nothing bad. This movie was like a Fleur de Sel caramel, rich and subtle and perfectly filled with chocolate liquor, milk, and more.

"I die, Ninja Judge."
"My verdict- not guilty."

There was some noise from the seats around James, but otherwise, the room was mostly quiet. Honor felt a tap on her shoulder and her professor leaned in.

"I'm not grading you on content," he whispered. Honor let out a sigh, smiled, and gave him a caramel. THE THIRD VIRTUE was, finally, in the can.