HomeSource Microcotton 6-Pc Towel Set

by wootbot

No More Tears

There's no problem a little bath salts and a sing-a-long can't solve.

Danielle looked at her bloodshot eyes in the mirror, then splashed cool water on her face from the sink. She dabbed it dry with her HomeSource Microcotton hand towel and then stared back at her reflection for a few more moments.

She had cried for hours over the drama with Craig and Phil. Phil, she expected it from him. But Craig. She had thought he was different. But it was just the same old song and dance.

When she felt like this, there were only two things in the whole world that could make her feel better: A bubble bath and show tunes.

Danielle filled up the tub and sprinkled in some bath salts. She set the 100% long staple, very fine cotton bath towel on the toilet seat, undressed and climbed inside. And then she started to sing.

I'm gonna wash those men right outta my hair,
I'm gonna wash those men right outta my hair,
I'm gonna wash those men right outta my hair,
And send them on their way.

If a Craig don't understand you,
If Phil flies on separate beams,
Waste no time, make change,
Ride those men right off your range.

She continued humming as she soaped up the wash cloth and lathered up both of her legs.

Oho! If you laugh at different comics,
If you root for different teams,
Waste no time, weep no more,
Show Craig and Phil what the door is for.

She ran the razor up and down them, quickly but carefully, then rinsed off and pulled the drain.

She stepped out and shimmied off with the exceptionally soft and super absorbent non-linting towel, then threw it open dramatically as she finished the last verse.

Rub them out of the roll call.
And drum them out of your dreeeeeeeams!