Lodge 12" Cast Iron WOOT Skillet

by wootbot

Happy Birthday Home.Woot!

Each year, around this time, something wonderful happens. That's why we picked today to be Home.Woot's anniversary! A year old today, and we couldn't be happier!

"Anniversaries are the best, aren't they?" said Leslie, wrapping her arms around Brant as he stood at the stove. Brant smiled and hugged back with his shoulders.

"Leslie, do you remember that first night, when we decided to move in together? Before we found this place?"

"In that crappy little apartment of yours? The one I couldn't wait to escape?"

"Yes, and yours was so much better. I forget, was it ACTUALLY under the bridge or ALMOST under the bridge?"

Leslie ignored him and took out the sparkling wine. Brant pushed the eggs across the Lodge 12" Cast Iron Skillet. He knew Leslie preferred them very dry.

"Like my wit," she joked, reading his mind.

"That was a bad joke then and it's a bad joke now."

Leslie poured two glasses and put the sparkling wine back in the fridge. "That'll keep in there, right?"

"We'll finish it fast. Before Raoul comes back." Brant pushed the eggs to a corner, knowing the cast iron would keep them warm, and took a drink.

"I sent him to finally get our puppy licensed. The lines are super-long on Thursday, he won't be back until late."

"That gives us time to finish that bottle. But lock the door, just in case."

Brant grabbed two paper plates and filled them with eggs. "Same pattern as that first night, see? Flowers?"

Leslie pouted. "No, it's not the same. The flowers were blue on the original plates."

"How do you remember that?"

"I don't really." Then Leslie laughed. "I'm just causing trouble, aren't I? I promise to be much nicer from now on.

The two sat on the couch and touched glasses.

"Anniversaries are the best, aren't they?"

"They are. I never have this much fun with my other girlfriend."

Leslie kicked Brant in the leg. But not too hard, because she was laughing.