Nordic Ware Cute Cupcake Pan

by Wootbot

Holy Cupcake, Björkman!

Everything’s bigger in Texas? Clearly, you’ve never been to Scandinavia.

You think you’re pretty tough, huh Cowboy? Well I got news for you. You’ve got nothin’ on the Nords. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s Nords.

Rodeo Schmodeo. So you can stay perched atop a bucking bronco for 8 seconds. Big whoop. Try luging down a frozen track at 90 mph with nothing between your head and certain icy death but a flimsy sled.

Texans have cattle driving. The Vikings had raping and pillaging. No contest.

Get out of here with your Texas toast. Just look at the size of the cupcake you can make with this Nordic Ware pan. It takes six cups of batter and serves four … if you’re a lightweight. I know a guy named Åsbjörn Torbjörgen who can demolish a baker’s dozen of these mutant confections.

You think that’s just a mound of whipped frosting on top? Wrong. It’s more cake. You bake the two halves separately and then stack them to make one ridiculously huge dessert. Think you can handle that, Tex? I didn’t think so.


Warranty: 90 Day Nordic Ware

Condition: New


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