Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set

by wootbot

The Reunion

Looking to get together with friends? Surely there's NO dish you can't fit in one of these, um, dishes. Look, English is an imprecise language, okay? Homophones happen.

"Do you remember that night?" Chastity asked as she spooned her potato salad from the three 2 Cup Round Containers. "The night we met?"

Purity dodged the laughing children running from Greasy Joe's guitar room towards the pool. "And you had that flashlight! What did we call ourselves?"

"Club Innocent!" Honor called from the table, pulling a BPA-free lid from one of the two 7 Cup Round Storage Containers. "Or Club Stupid!"

Chastity laughed. "The Freshmen Under-Blanket Friendship Society! Oh, wow, I haven't thought of that in years! Not since Hope dropped out of school."

Honor sighed. "I missed Hope. I wish she'd kept in touch."

From the back yard, there was a power chord. Chastity laughed.

"Joe's got it all plugged in! I hope Ophelia and Juliet make it here in time for the show."

Purity stole a bite from the pair of 4 Cup Round Storage Containers. "Oh, she called! She said they were running late, but they had two 1 Cup Round Storage Containers full of potato salad in the backseat."

"But that's MY thing!" whined Chastity. "Why do they always DO that to me?"

Purity crossed the room to hug her old roommate. "Don't worry, Chastity. They were never REALLY part of the F.U-B.F.S. in the first place. We only invite them out of pity."

And outside, as Greasy Joe and "Sneaking Out The Window Down The Ivy" tuned up, the children began to build a blanket fort on the lawn.