Rachael Ray 13 PC Porcelain II Cookware

by wootbot

So Many Cooks

When you want to do some real cooking, you need some real cookware! Thirteen pieces of real cookware, to be precise.

At first, the idea of babysitting really appealed to Chastity. It got her out of the dorms and into a very nice house for the night. Plus, she could cook with her employer's swanky Rachael Ray 13-Piece Cookware Set, which was a LOT better than ordering pizza again.

If only she didn't have to deal with the children…

Still, Chastity was sure it couldn't be that bad. There was a boy and a girl and it was a school night, so they probably had homework to do. She'd just pull out the ol' skillets and saucepans and take full advantage of their sturdy construction.

"You're doing it wrong!" said a young voice behind her.

Chastity turned to see the boy and the girl standing in the doorway, staring.

"Oh, hi!" she said. "I'm your babysitter! And you must be-"

"You can't use the 10" Covered Skillet that way!" the boy yelled. "You just can't!"

Chastity decided to be polite.

"Well, young man, this Rachael Ray cookware is very sturdy. It's got strength and a comfortable grip and it's designed to let you keep an eye on your food as it cooks. But don't worry, as soon as I figure out what to cook, I'll make enough for everyone."

"That's not how Mommy holds the saucepan!" the girl fumed.

Chastity counted to five and tried again.

"Well, no, but the beauty of cooking is that there are many different ways to explore! That's one of the things I like about fine cookware. It's like this stockpot, you see? Fill it with water and vegetables and you've got soup, but everyone's gonna use different spices. Maybe I like thyme, maybe you like oregano-"

"You can't use the oregano in our soup!" the boy barked.

"Put it down!" the girl agreed.

"Mother will be furious!" the boy scowled.

This time, Chastity counted to twenty.

"Okay, kids, I guess you're used to a more-structured lifestyle, then. Don't worry, I want us all to have fun. Why don't I take one of these nice Spatulas-"

"THAT'S A SPOONULA!" the girl yelled.

"DON'T YOU KNOW ANYTHING?" the boy yelled in agreement.

Chastity set the Spoonula down, and picked up the Lil' Devil Spatula instead.

"Kids, there's no need to raise your voices. I know what a Spoonula is, just as I know this Lil' Devil has a point that can reach into places where other spatulas, such as this Medium Sized Spatula beside me, can't always reach. I also know how much fun it is to cook, especially with quality cookware that promotes even heating. Now, if you'd like to help me, we could all have fun making dinner together in these pretty two-tone pans and skillets."

The boy and girl stared blankly from the door.

"You know why it's a 13-piece set?" the boy asked.

"Because of the lids," the girl answered immediately.

"You probably didn't know that, did you?" the boy asked, and waited.

Chastity took a quiet breath, and exhaled.

"All right, then," said Chastity, taking hold of the skillet's rubberized handle. "I guess I'm just going to make dinner for myself."