Recapping The Home.Woot Better Late Than Never Welcoming Party

by Scott Lydon

As you know from posts on our main blog, we're not always a high-stress, low-benefit place of employment. Every so often, we like to rally the troops and have a little fun. Last week, with the Woot-Offs out of the way, we finally had a chance to say a long-overdue hello to our most recent site. Our little home.woot party lasted for a few hours at lunch, and there were games and prizes and plenty of smiles.




And also some aprons and hats. You know, just because. Come on inside and we'll show you more of what we did. The Dyson race alone is worth the click.

But before we get to the video, let's break down what happened on the most exciting day of last week. Our Home.Woot team was looking forward to finally getting their own coming-of-age party, so they pulled out all the stops! And by stops, we mean they snagged all the leftovers lying around the office.




What can we say? Some offices have pens and paperclips, we have little toy motorcycles and speedboats. All that junk we gotta unbox for the photos went up for grabs. You better believe competition was fierce! Across four different events, our staff-letes gave their… well, not quite all, because they'd eventually have to go back to work, but we think they did give their most.

Now let's talk about the games.





What's harder than sealing plastic lids? Sealing plastic lids quickly! Two by two, our contestants tried to seal and stack their plastic tower in the allotted amount of time. Points were awarded if they properly burped out the air before moving on. The winner was the first person to complete the tower and they got the right to be smug about it.








Thanks to our in-house action photographer, we don't even need to waste words, do we? As you can guess, whoever shot their box the farthest was proclaimed the winner. Catch-22 was that the winner took home a slightly dented prize. The wheel of karma balances itself.





There's the top brass of Woot Inc. in action. See that tiny hot dog in motion near the lower middle of the shot? It's easy to miss, so we've got a better picture for you below:




Contestants had to spatula-fling the hot dog into the target-grill. Accuracy was the watchword for this event, and who ever got the hot dog closest to the bulls-eye was proclaimed the winner! Sort of like darts for carnivores.


Here's everything you need to know about the vacuum races:



Oh, and in case you didn't notice, there were also refreshments.




Of course, nobody at Woot Inc. is allowed to drink on the job, so bottles were for later (despite what you may think while watching those guys nearly kill themselves with the vacuums) but even still, a good time was had by all, and the Home.Woot team was finally, properly welcomed aboard.




Give our little baby site a hand, huh? It's come so far, so fast!