Saeco Syntia Cappuccino

by wootbot

One Of Those Days

Coffee at home: Because you can only hear "skinny" in Italian so many times.

Danielle was going to ask about the Saeco Syntia Cappuccino Machine that appeared on her kitchen table, but then she saw the look in Craig's eye... and decided it was just better to say "Thank you?" and accept the gift. Whatever had happened, it wasn't her place to challenge his thousand yard stare.

6:15 THAT MORNING - Craig checks his text messages. "Would love a coffe!" it says, typo included, under Danielle's name.

6:30 THAT MORNING - Craig pulls up at a coffee shop and asks for a large, black espresso, to go. There is some debate. Craig politely changes his order to a "Magna Common-Shade Heavy Bean Fixed Brew" but pronounces "Magna" with a hard a at the end. He is asked to leave.

6:45 THAT MORNING - Craig tries the Donut Shop across the street. He is told they cannot give him coffee without the additional purchase of a dozen donuts. Craig buys the dozen donuts. He is charged, then told the Donut Shop is out of coffee.

7:10 THAT MORNING - Craig offers the dozen donuts to the young man at the local coffee roastery, as a bribe to let him in early. Craig buys pre-ground, and asks where he can brew a cup. The young man laughs through a mouthful of donuts.

7:12 THAT MORNING: Officer Terrance lets Craig off with a small warning for throwing donuts at the young man. The young man agrees, so his boss does not know he let someone in the store early. There is much glaring but no paperwork.

8:20 THAT MORNING: Craig finds the Saeco Syntia Cappuccino Machine on sale, and takes no chances! He demands a copy of the manual and searches it to make sure it doesn't require some special moon rock or whatever before it can work. The salesperson is very patient, explaining how the Saeco Syntia Cappuccino Machine makes quality coffee drinks, including milk froth, bean grinding, pre-infustion, and comes with a 40 ounce removable water tank. Craig buys the machine and goes back to his car.

8:30 THAT MORNING: Craig returns to buy a second Saeco Syntia Cappuccino Machine because the first one slipped in the parking lot, and immediately got run over by a truck.

9:00 THAT MORNING: Danielle's quiet "Thank you?" makes Craig feel as though the whole morning was worthwhile.