Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener

by wootbot

The New Major

Like crossing the velvet rope? You might like knowing the following: this sharpener is kinda exclusive.

"Kinda exclusive!" said the professor. "This Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener is kinda exclusive!"

Scarlett looked up from her amusing YouTube video.

"Do I have your attention?" called the professor. "That's because of simple economic psychology. If you can have something no one else can have, you're interested."

Scarlett shifted position a little, so she could see. Econ 123b: Creative Marketing was supposed to be an easy A, so she didn't think she'd ever find it interesting. But there was something to what the professor was saying. She always felt accomplished after sneaking into a nightclub, and now she knew: it was because it made her feel exclusive.

The professor was holding up a Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener and waving his hand.

"It's amazing, really. A product like this, with interlocking ceramic wheels, it'll give your knives a razor-sharp edge on BOTH sides of the blade. You say that, eh, maybe a few people will listen. But if you stand in the street and yell HEY THIS PLACE RIGHT HERE IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN FIND THIS EXCLUSIVE KNIFE SHARPENER it suddenly attracts attention! And that's the magic of exclusivity."

Scarlett noticed she was leaning forward, a finger tugging at her lip. She tried to relax, but she couldn't focus. Mrs. Scarlett Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener, she wrote on her notebook, drawing a little heart around it.

And then, behind her, hands on her shoulder and an angry whisper. "Don't even think about it, girlfriend. That Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener is mine. You stay away from him."

Scarlett nibbled on the end of her pen and tried to catch the Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener's eye, though it had none. Slowly she was coming to accept that there might actually be something to this whole "exclusivity" idea.