Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set

by wootbot

A Quiet Sigh

Keep this Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set and you'll be able to keep intruders out of your important powders, snack cakes, ingredients... and memories.

Nestoras unscrewed the lids of his Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set and prepared himself. In a few minutes, two things would be fact. The first: he'd be out of brown sugar, flour and oats. The second, he'd finally have put Sylvia behind him.

Nestoras had originally bought the Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set for his kitchen. 100% airtight lids meant his YiaYia's baklava would only ever get the freshest ingredients. He'd poured the brown sugar in right after finishing the batch he'd made for Sylvia... the batch she'd never really eaten. Now, that brown sugar went right into an empty bowl, and the 4.5 Cup Canister received the notes that had once been on Nestoras' door.

"Nestoras- Can you fix my shower? Left it unlocked." "Nestoras- Merry Christmas! Get yourself something nice with this." "Nestoras- Did you grab my Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set? If you did, thank you, just bring it by whenever."

Nestoras sealed the easy-open flip-top lid.

In the 8-cup Snapware Glass Canister, Nestoras placed the single fake diamond earring he'd found outside of Sylvia's apartment, while cleaning the carpet one day. There was a chance it belonged to Pamela or Margaret in 3A, but he'd never asked them, so he could still pretend. That earring rattled in the canister like a shard of a past that never existed, until it collided with a little lump of sugar. Nestoras snapped the lid closed.

The final canister, the 11.5 Cup Canister, held the one thing Sylvia had ever given him personally. Sure, she'd offered him the occasional Christmas bonus, but that was the job, not the man. But this small plastic dolphin with the Greek letters for "dolphin" on the bottom, this was his.

On the bottom, some tape. "Nestoras- Isn't this awful? Saw it and it made me laugh... just like you always do! You'll have to tell me what the letters mean one day. Enjoy it! Sylvia."

Nestoras closed the final BPA free lid, and put the Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set in his closet. Later in the day, he'd order a second set for his dry goods, make some baklava, and eat it in silence.

And then, the next day, his life would go on. It always did.