Total Spa 24-Setting Combo Showerhead

by wootbot

The Letter

A Total Spa 24 Setting Combo Shower Head is the sort of shower head you write home about. And who bothers to write home these days?

Dear Mom and Dad,

It was lovely to see you over Thanksgiving. After a few months using the dorm shower, I finally understood what you meant when you'd yell at me about how "one day (I'd) understand!" Today, truly, I feel I know the depth of what it truly means to be a responsible adult.

Why, you ask? The answer may shock you: because I now know what it is to have loved and lost. Of course, I mean the Total Spa 24 Setting Combo Shower Head in our family's bathroom. A shower head much unlike the one now in my dorm today.

I urge you, Mom and Dad. Each day when you wake, thank the Heavens for the 8 single and 16 combined flow patterns. Look to the rising sun and scream "Joy! Joy for the advanced 3-zone precision!" Cherish each day you have with the ergonomic handle, because, one day, you might find yourself without it. I have learned such a fate is a fate … worse than death.

I hope you are both well, and I am already looking forward to the Winter Break, when I will be able to see you, my college friends, and my beloved Total Spa 24 Setting Combo Shower Head once more. Also, please put some more money in my account when you get a chance, and thank you in advance for that.

Love from college,