Valley Forge All American Flag Kit

by Wootbot

Glory Days

If you’re going to hang a flag, at least buy one made in the USA.

Sylvia first met Pamela back in 1976, when they were both little girls. They had patriotic ice cream bars and sat on a rock near their school. They talked a little bit about the President, and both decided when they grew up, they’d be Presidents together. It never dawned on them how the idea of “co-Presidents” wasn’t in the Constitution. This was America! They could do whatever they wanted!

Probably that’s why, when Sylvia saw Brant and Lesley hanging a silkscreened canvas of Che above their sofa, Pamela was the first person she called. Pamela snorted into her phone and walked across the hall to see for herself. Then she grabbed her purse. The two friends were off to buy a Valley Forge All-American US Flag Kit for Sylvia’s balcony.

The pole was “powder coated tough” according to the box, a dry, electrostatically charged paint forming a tough and durable coating. The flag was pretty solid too, 100% Nylon with embroidered stars and sewn stripes, plus a sewn sleeve to keep it all in place. Pamela held the pole while Sylvia attached the brackets, and then they unfolded the flag the way they’d learned on those camping trips with Pamela’s dad, the Marine. They saluted it just to drive the point home because they saw their neighbors scowling through the window.

The super told Sylvia later, over coffee, that Brant and Lesley had complained how Sylvia’s flag was blocking their view of the skyline.

“And what did you say?” Sylvia asked him, setting another cannoli on his plate.

“I didn’t say nothing,” replied the super. “It’s his right to think whatever he wants. But you know me, Sylvia. I’m a busy guy. And I don’t run into you so often, so I can’t tell you to take down that flag. Maybe not until…”

“September,” said Sylvia.

“September.” said the super. “This cannoli fresh today?”

“I know a guy,” smiled Sylvia. “In a city like this, it pays to have the right connections.”

“That’s what America’s all about!” answered the super, taking another bite.


Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Condition: New


  • Kit comes with everything you need to proudly display an American flag: a 6-foot stainless steel pole, a high quality United States flag, and bracket
  • 100% Nylon 3’x5’ 50-Star United States Flag with sewn stripes, embroidered stars and a 4-stich fly-hem
  • Solid brass grommets
  • All poles are powder coated tough – a dry, electrostatically charged paint that forms an extremely tough and durable coating that resists cracking, peeling, marring and corrosion
  • 2-position brackets are made from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), tested 25% stronger than the nylon and abs brackets commonly used in the market
  • All Valley Forge U.S. flags are sourced, woven, dyed, finished, sewn and distributed in the USA in domestically owned facilities, with American labor

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In the box:

  • (1) Valley Forge All-American US Flag Kit includes:
    - (1) 6-Foot Stainless Steel Powder Coated Pole (choose chrome, bronze or black)
    - (1) Nylon 3’ x 5’ U.S. Flag
    - Mounting Hardware