Monday, October 24

Our Home.Woot Es Su Home.Woot

by Jason Toon

Nice place you've got there! Or so we assume! But even the nicest place could be a little nicer, especially if the price tag coordinates harmoniously with your budget.

So today, welcome to Home.Woot, the newest and homiest Woot site. Seven days a week, Home.Woot will feature new deals for everything from bedsheets to cookie sheets, from the most respected brands, at prices that make non-wooters wonder what the catch is. Lucky for you you're smarter than that.

Today, we're sharing the launch-day spotlight with the Metrokane Rabbit Supreme Crystal Wine Glass 4-Pack. These double-fired, pulled-stem glasses are available today for the first time anywhere, and brought to you by the people who make the stylish, almost magically effective Rabbit bottle openers. It's just a sip of the major-brand, minor-price deals you can expect every day from Home.Woot.

So, unless you've got any further questions, wipe your feet on the mat, don't mind the dog (she's a little territorial with strangers but a real sweetheart once she gets to know you), and make yourself at home at Home!