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Sistema Microwave Steamers

The nice folks at Sistema are DETERMINED to help you use your microwave to cook actual, healthy, delicious meals. We think it's best you listen. Seriously. They're outside right now and we don't have a lot of time. Wait.. was that the door?
Sistema official site

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These look pretty handy for the office. If you have a drawer to put them in.

What's your favorite work day lunch?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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The prices here are better than Amazon. Generally good reviews there for all of this line. The 90 day warranty seems a bit short, though.


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inkycatz wrote:These look pretty handy for the office. If you have a drawer to put them in.

What's your favorite work day lunch?

What I really need for the office is a microwave toaster. Find me one of those!


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I have the soup one and I love it. It holds a full can of the big Progresso soups and the lid keeps it from spattering in the microwave. One warning: from the reviews I've read, they are not leakproof, so keep it upright!

Theresa L. Villeneuve


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Product video:

sample reviews:
amazon for the large:

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2 complaints to comment on. One was a person steaming carrots (on Amazon) said everything tasted a bit like carrots now. The other, raised by several who purchased the Klip-it steamer from QVC or at Amazon said that the problem with the steaming was there were no instructions on cooking times.

On the other hand (again, searched too many sites to remember), one customer contacted Sistema and got a sheet of steaming times (i.e., for vegetables). To the powers that be: can we ask/suggest Sistema put that sheet on their website (I'm having trouble finding that on their site) and/or give a link for us to download/see? I'm thinking of buying this, but I'd like to know about steaming times. Thanks.

The reviews overall have been positive.


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Many of you have questions on cooking times - here is the info sent by Sistema

Thanks for considering purchasing a Sistema product! The reason cooking times were not included was due to the vast range of microwaves out there. Also, the cooking times depend on how big (or small) - the pieces are when vegetables are cut, and although it sounds silly, how cold fish is when defrosted – i.e. full defrosted or to room temperature, etc.

Below are some guidelines:
• Water level should be just below the base of the colander so the food is not sitting in the water. Whenever you stop the microwave to monitor cooking progress, check the water level and top up if necessary.
• Thick skinned, whole foods like potatoes, squash and tomatoes trap steam during cooking, so if cooking these whole, pierce the skins before cooking to allow steam to escape.
• If you are cooking a variety of vegetables, arrange ‘tougher’ ones, like carrots, cauliflower, potato etc, towards the outside, and more tender ones like peas, mushroom, capsicum etc in the centre so they finish cooking at the same time.
• To ensure foods cooks fully and evenly, cut your meats and vegetables in uniform sizes and ensure that there is some space between the food to allow the steam to circulate.
• Food continues to cook when removed from the microwave by the heat generated within it, so always take standing time into account.
• Adjust the vent on your steamer to allow steam to release during cooking, or close it to keep the heat in after cooking.
• Some foods, like tomato based sauces or curries can stain containers. Before cooking these spray your container lightly with a non-stick cooking spray to reduce the risk of staining.


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Anyone have an idea whether these could be used (successfully) to cook pasta? I like the idea of picking up the center section to drain it.
I think I will ask on their site.