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Red & Green: Call It Home-mas Maybe?

Is that metal bowl going to match your Christmas sweater? NO! Is that purple shrub going to look Christmassy on your deck? NO! You need red, and you need green, and you can get those here. Be it bowl, tree or bathroom rug, we'll fa your la la las completely.

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  • (6:03 PM, 11/12/2012) njkatz points out the knives are very sharp.
  • (3:26 PM, 11/13/2012) zanybabe reviews the soup pot.
  • (12:29 AM, 11/14/2012) skou tells us about the can opener.


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Not enough green for me, personally, but those who love the color red are absolutely going to flip for this sale.

Give us some reviews on this collection, if you like. We've seen a number of them before...

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I have the Kyocera knives, though in black thank goodness. the ceramic knives are very sharp. But I always have to remember to be careful about not doing things like smashing garlic with them so they don't break. A nice addition to some good steel knives, but not so good for your only kitchen knives. They come in a nice box and would make a really fine gift for some cook in the family who likes red.



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I got the Fagor Baking Dish and the Soup Pot in the last sale.

Soup Pot - Learned the hard way that it does not work well as a fryer as things tend to stick. Cheesy soups or alfredo or flout based sauces also stick at the bottom so keep the heat on low. Clean up is pretty easy due to the enamel coating. The lid is great too, see through and allows steam to develop. It's a nice pot for tomato based sauces, curries and soups. Still prefer my dutch oven for the meatier gravies.
Baking Dish - Have not received yet, waiting excitedly!


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I love the Kyocera knives (although the ones with the black blades are tougher than the originals with the white blades) and I know the set usually comes in a lovely box that makes it great for gifting but there is no mention of the box in the description... so does this set come with the lovely Kyocera box?


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OK, the can opener on #10 cans. I finally tried this. Not quite a deal buster, but not quite so good.

Took 2 tries, but I did get my applesause out. The lid did NOT sit right back.

NOT a deal breaker, but, well, you know.

I will buy more in the future!

This was from a 4 month old can opener, with LOTS of use, YMMV.



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I just have to say that I love this sale. It seems like a very woot-ish thing to do.


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The description for the Brack Ranch Peach Red Pepper Preserves states:

☻ Enjoy serving classic dishes that recall the time-honored traditions and homemade aromas of the historic Brack Ranch
☻ Shake well
☻ Refrigerate after opening

Aren't preserves generally thick and gelatinous? That's what the pectin is for. So what good would shaking well do?


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Looks like this batterbowl would be perfect for making pancakes. Mix, store and pour. I can't say I'm fond of the colors, though.