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Jaipur Rugs

Where should you put a rug? Why not, oh … ANY and EVERYwhere? Your den, your bedroom, your attic, your garage, your driveway, the lawn, the street in front of your house, the parking lot at work, the elevator to your office... play your cards right, you might NEVER TOUCH THE EARTH AGAIN!!!
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Tell us about these rugs, owners!

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Buyer Beware! Many of these rugs are not even Jaipur Rugs. Original Jaipur Rugs are rugs hand made in Jaipur (Rajastan State of India). If you look carefully some of them are pricey polyester rugs made in China!


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Does anyone know about the quality of these rugs? Is it true that some are not really Jaipur rugs?


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The specs says it's made in India...


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specs say china, boo