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Ginsu 2-Piece Stainless Carving Set

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Obey the Ginsu!

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Very tempting, just because we need one so seldom that $5 is our sweet spot (already ordered something earlier today, so free shipping


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Ive been wanting to try a Ginsu knife, so for 5.00 I figured why not. And It said that it useable by right or lefties , And me being a Leftie I figured Why not

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This its a great set bought a full Ginsu set for my father that included this pair a year ago and the knife is still as sharp as the day we bought it and nether have any rust or damage. They are used rather regularly since my family cooks roast, chickens, turkeys, etc. often. Highly recommend these for the price. Make sure not to use a dish washer to clean then hands wash and dry them after every use. This will make any and all of your good knifes last much longer.