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Surya Wall Art: Lose That Floyd Poster

If you go to David Gilmour's house, what will you see on the walls? That's right. ART. Once you've left the dorms, the rock star posters go downstairs in the basement, and stuff like this goes in the living room. Don't blame us, it's just the rules.
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What's hanging on your walls these days?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Oh no, you never lose the Floyd posters! You just grow old, accumulate lots of nice artwork throughout your life and journeys, and then revert back to your youth.

I bought a Roger Waters poster at one of his many concerts over the past 12 years (oh - he just announced 18 new European open air stadium "The Wall" shows for summer 2013 - go to rogerwaters.com), framed it and hung it over my husband's keyboard - it looks perfect.

But...cool artwork Surya.


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Anybody have any idea on who the artists are for any of these paintings?


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I would rather frame my Pink Floyd posters than replace them with any of this generic stuff.

Metal is awesome, it's super-powerful and emotional, but at the end of the day we're dudes with long hair and guitars going "RAAAAAR!" -Devin Townsend


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I wish I still had the pyramid poster that came with Dark Side of the Moon. The concert poster I can live without.

If you find out where young local artists hang out and maybe go to some open houses and charity silent auctions you can pick up stuff for this price or less (if you can find stuff you like).

I have several signed and numbered (fewer than twenty prints) serigraphs that I got dirt cheap directly from the artists. None are printed on canvas, but I don't like the way that looks.

I've also got some watercolors (on paper) and oil on stretched canvas. I met all the artists and talked to them. Nothing cost more than $150.

(Framing is another issue. In every cases except the oil painting the cost of getting really nice framing cost more than the pieces did. I should really learn how to do that, but even then I couldn't cut the corners of the matting as well as their machine can.)