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Bamboo For Your Kitchen: Big Bamboo-m

You've just found your favorite luncheonette's been abandoned. All you have is a little H20. What do you do? If you've got a pile of bamboo cookware, you get to work making lunch! Ooh Yeah! Trust us, kid, bamboo's bigger than both of us.

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  • (3:55 AM, 11/25/2012) lyzetteblanco didn't like the placemats.


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These (3-piece silicon utensil set) are very deceiving, buyers beware. The spatula portion of these are much smaller than they look in the pictures and they are extremely flimsy. Even though they are only seven bucks, I would pass if I was you (wish I would have). However, the other set of all bamboo cooking utensils (square caddy with six utensils) is great and I do recommend, the silicon ones are just a little disappointing.


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Beware of the placemats. The material is cheap, starting crumbling out of the box and scratched my table up. Very disappointed.


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Wait... there's no bamboo kitchen flooring here.