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Momeni Rugs: Rug Bunchers

These carpets are made overseas, in the land of Agrabah. Ok, not really in Agrabah, because that's not a real place, no matter how many times I spraypaint it on my front door. But if it were, and it made cool flying magic carpets, they'd probably be cool Momeni flying magic carpets.
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So I get they're trendy, but are they also easy to care for?

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inkycatz wrote:So I get they're trendy, but are they also easy to care for?

Not sure about that, but spilling something on these or getting them dirty just may make these a little less hideous then they already are.

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We own a Momeni, Not any of these styles but we have experience with the brand. These are wool rugs, machine made and very sturdy. We have one in our living room that gets a lot of walking upon. We USE our living room on a daily basis, it is not a show piece living room. The carpet sees a lot of dog hair, gets swept regularly and cleaned professionally once a year. We have owned it for 5 years and it is not showing any appreciable wear. We still love it.
Just remember, if you spill anything that stains, blot it clean, don't scrub and your have many years of service from this quality product.
Bought ours at a business closeout, paid much less the what they want here but this is much better than retail. Macys sell these at an outrageous price but if you have one nearby you can take a ride to see the quality.


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"Rug Bunchers"; You guys kill me!!


Great way to light up my morning!


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Shows detailed view of the rug. The site offered 75% off for Black Friday. My understanding is that they only run that deal once a year... price is better here, though (as noted above) it may be possible to find a better deal, the woot price doesn't look too bad.