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Too Good Gourmet

"Oh, they're not for ME!" you're saying. Any maybe you're right. Maybe you just want to get some of these baskets and boxes and hand them out to friends over the holidays. Sure, we get that. But let's make it clear: if you want them for yourself, we're not going to judge you. Not one little bit.
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I like food you don't have to bake because then you can just have time to show up to more parties. Am I the only one?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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So, how big is a 1 ounce cookie? I'm tempted, but to me it seems a one ounce cookie isn't going to be very big.


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Where's the GS cookies?!! Going through thin mints withdrawl


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Mohito mix?

MoJito mix, maybe?



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skou wrote:Mohito mix?

MoJito mix, maybe?



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inkycatz wrote:I like food you don't have to bake because then you can just have time to show up to more parties. Am I the only one?

You're definitely not the only one!


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I'm thinking about ordering one of these to take to my kids' school Christmas party. However, I cannot take anything that has been manufactured where peanuts are used. And products that have been manufactured around peanuts have to carry a warning on the box. I don't see any items on their website that have peanuts, but want to be sure...anyone know if the warning is on the boxes? Thanks!!


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Just in case these come back.

Tasteless. There's so much anti-caking stuff in the powdered sugar coating it tastes vaguely of chalk but no sweetness. Neither "flavor" has enough taste to be considered awful. There's certainly no reason to eat them so out they go!