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Dang it! I've got to start reading reviews BEFORE I buy. Guess I'll be posting my own review next time since I ordered this time around.


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Bought three sets of these last time around simply because the razor +15 blade cartridges is a lot cheaper that a pack of 4 refill blade cartridges for my Schick Quattro. That, and I wanted one set to stock the toilet cabinet in my camper trailer so it's one less thing to forget when I go camping

Decided to use one at home for a while and I admit it took a bit of getting used to the strange angle, with the head curving away from the face, rather that toward it like almost every other razor on the market. It feels more like stroking your face than shaving it.

Having gotten used to it now I have three main observations:

1) It appears than that no matter how aggressively or sloppily I shave (as I sometimes do when I'm pressed for time) I have yet to cut myself with this razor. My Schick would almost certainly have nicked me a few times during some of those shaves.

2) The blade cartridge does appear to get blunt a little quicker than the Schick (but at the price they are probably still the better deal)

3) The blade cartridges are a b***ch to change! The first time I tried to insert one I had myself convinced I must have broken off some tiny critical plastic part on the razor as I could see nothing to "catch" the cartridge. Eventually I got it attached to the razor but I still felt no "click" as it seated, and I was sure the cartridge was going to drop out when I started shaving. It didn't so I must have got it right. I guess that "failing" (if it can be called that) will become inconsequential with practice, but it will probably be a negative aspect for most users at first.

As for the excessive "clogging" reported by some users; My experience is that it clears easier than my Schick. (I generally use Gillette foam). The Remington cartridges clean up nicely under the faucet, whereas I frequently have to use my Water Pik on the Schick Quattro blades (By the way, even if I didn't use a Water Pik for 'flossing' I'd probably still own one for obstinate little cleaning jobs like unclogging razor cartridges )


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in the last 15 years of making online purchases I have never left public feedback. This is such a bad product, I had to break my silence. The only way I can even use this product is by using an old toothbrush to clean the razor 3-5 times a shave. the result is tolerable, but still not as good as using a disposable razor.


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wootmeharder wrote:DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!

These are HORRIBLE!!!

The baldes are too close, they clog and are impossible to clean. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE!!!!

If you don't believe me, just wait for more reviews from others who have wasted their money on this garbage!!! Or scroll back and read reviews when they were offered in the past.

WOOT...YOU SUCK for continuing to seel these after all the complaints you received about them.

These blades/razors are fine and if you fill your sink with hot water and swish the blade thru the water instead of rinsing under the running faucet, you will have no problem with clogging--I learned this as a teenager and some still have not obviously. I have used mine for about 3 weeks and have no issues with pulling or nicking as the blades still seem very sharp. Good deal and I am thinking about three more.


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zfactor wrote:wait so how many blades actually come with this set? it says 2 x 5 blades then says 6 pack?? maybe im the only one but im just not sure what they mean and i dont see a actual number listed. also the picture shows a odd number of blades.

someone confirm the number of blades you get in total please. also how do these do for women? my wife buys the cheap disposables and im wondering if these will be better than those or not?

Each razor comes with 15 cartridges; 3 are included in the razor pack, plus you get 2 boxes of refills each containing 6 cartridges.


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>not wetshaving with a brush and DE razor & blade


w00ten since 7/24/04 and still no Boggy Old Creature ಠ_ಠ


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I bought these a month or so ago before reading the reviews. Worst purchase that I can remember.

If you can manage to keep them clean enough to actually shave they still don't do a good job. I spend at least twice as long now to get a worse shave than previous razors I have had.

Don't even think about manscaping with these either. The head(of the razor)doesn't pivot like most razors. It is mounted on a rubber arm and does not move to stay flat against what ever surface you may be shaving. You have to apply pressure so the blades will actually be against your skin. No so great when trying to reach those delicate areas.

They are now in my camper as back ups incase I forget a decent razor when camping.

Don't but these, woot should refuse to sell crap like this.


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These are the worst razors I have ever used in my entire life. You cannot shave any amount of growth with them and there is no way to shake any stubble out of them in a stream of water- it just sticks. Terrible waste of money. There is a reason they are so cheap. They suck and they cannot sell them elsewhere


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I bought two sets in a previous Woot.

I am still using them, but can't wait for them to be gone. For the price, I figured I'd give them a shot.

Expect to work twice as long or twice as hard to get an acceptable shave over your old two- or three-blade razor.

Sounds like Remington is missing the mark, as they are crap for men's faces, but seem to work great for women's legs. They should repackage for that use.

I might unload the rest on the gf.

Would not buy again at any price.


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Samus wrote:Simply consumers warning other potential consumers about a crap product that shouldn't even be legal to sell. These should be marketed as 'disposable' blades because you literally have to throw them out every single time you use one.

I received one as a free sample from Jegs auto parts with a battery I ordered for my car. I used it once and had to throw it out the second time I tried to use it. It was completely clogged up, even wiggling it in a cup of hot water didn't help.

It's like the blades have an adhesive that sticks to shaving cream.

There's a reason Mach 3 and Fusion blades cost so much. Because they are the best. Mach 3 is still the best razor on the planet. I get a month out of each blade shaving semi-daily, so it costs me about $25/year in blades.

Clogged blades cleans very well with roommate's tooth brash. Just saying))


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Bought 2 of these last time they were available. They are terrible. Each head lasts about 2-3 uses at most before it becomes impossible to shave with.


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Horrible shaver design. Blades don't last long and can't wait to be done with them. Mucho buyer's regret on this one.


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sayah wrote:No one is ever going to read my review unless I keep it short and sweet.

Here it is in a word:



I feel the same way about Danielle getting back with Phil. ;_;

Oh, well. I guess it clears the way for Roomba to persue her feelings about Craig.


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Terrible. Terrible. Terrible Razors. They don't get close, you can't get under your nose, and even with a new razor it's like sandpaper over your face.


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Purchased (3) sets of these. Shaving with these is not the best. Not as sharp as other razors. Takes a lot more time to shave compared to others. Causes a bit of pain and irritation. I was disappointed in these. If you have a sensitive face, I wouldn't recommend. I will go back to my Gillette.


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martybutts wrote:Any one else have this problem? Any tips?

yes! I purchased 2 and one was broken straight out of the box.


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I bought three sets of these a while back. One of the 3 razors broke while I was trying to get the blade on - stupidly cheap, plastic blade retainer. Definitely get less mileage out of the blades than my old Mach 3, have to clean very frequently to prevent clogging. And with my thick, fast-growing whiskers, these are just about useless if I skip a day (keep the Mach 3 around for those days along with the electric). I also find that the razor doesn't follow contours as well, a little too stiff in rotating. I'll still get my money's worth given what competitive blades cost but definitely more of a hassle than expected.


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I love them for shaving my legs.... These are great for a woman. If you have razors left over and you have a woman in your life pass them over.


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If you enjoy stroking.yourself, then this is the razor for you.

The lotion or cream/gel doesn't matter its the stubble that clogs the blades. The only way to make the razor work is to divide your stroke by 3. If you do that & rinse the razor after every 1/3 stroke it'll reduce some of your frustration. I also keep a nail brush on hand to help unclog the razor when it happens, like if you did 40% of a stroke. if I wasn't so cheap I would just throw them away. Side I shop on woot & am cheap though, I'll continue to use the masses that I stocked up and resent woot and the razor's every time. Can't wait until they are gone!!!


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great shave, but a little tough to clean.

my biggest complaint, however, is that the head constantly fall off. i have already lost two cartridges down the drain.

heads will pop off just from the normal pressure of shaving, not to mention when you try to unclog them.

mediocre at best.


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For the record, I'm female and my hair is not coarse. Bought these last time and LOVE them! Use them on my legs and it's the smoothest nick-free shave I've ever had. I wipe the blades with my thumb in a downward direction to clear any hairs caught between them and have had no problem. Shave is close enough to last almost a week -- yippee -- and no blood bath in the tub! Works for me.


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bpr2 wrote:Each head does not last very long, and they clog very easily since the blades are so close together.

I would not recommend.

good head doesn't last long


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I don't feel like they give very smooth shave and if you don't shave every day they are worse than a fusion. Don't know what cream/gel would work better but I use proraso which I think is one of the best.


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martybutts wrote:Any one else have this problem? Any tips?

Another wooter says he contacted the manufacturer and got a replacement.

To contact CS, use the Customer Service form in the menu at the top right corner of every page
••• ► Woot's Return Policy ◄ ••• ► Did you check your spam/junk folders for a CS reply?
CANCEL?? How to cancel your order in the first 2 hours!! - except orders with Woot-Off or expedited items


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fredrinaldi wrote:good head doesn't last long

To contact CS, use the Customer Service form in the menu at the top right corner of every page
••• ► Woot's Return Policy ◄ ••• ► Did you check your spam/junk folders for a CS reply?
CANCEL?? How to cancel your order in the first 2 hours!! - except orders with Woot-Off or expedited items


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I don't know why so many are saying these are good for ladies legs. ??

I'm a girl, and I HATE this razor! Ok, it might be as good as a disposable, but I've had disposable blades that have lasted longer. The blades always clog, and I know running them under water helps, but the blade gets dull so fast. And the handle has come apart so many times, its now so loose and barley stays together. Oh wait, that is ok, I have 2 more because I was stupid and bought 3 sets.

I got a free schick quatro in the mail & it has lasted for a month or more and still shaves my legs smooth. The remington just SUCKS!

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worst blades and razor I ever bought, King of clog, over flexi head, and rip offs


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these are good


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I bought these last time around and while there is a learning curve they are great after you get used to them.

I use these for shaving my head mostly and it is the least irritating and smoothest shave ever.

Still using the cartridge that came attached so they stay sharp for a bit.


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This is the worst razor I have ever purchased. They clogg up and dont rinse out at all. Bad razor burn! Stay away from this one.


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fredrinaldi wrote:good head doesn't last long

words of about a quality post!


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Christmas gifts to in-laws and stocking stuffers are not suppose to be great gifts....only plentiful to make it look nice for one day.

most of it goes to others who are less fortunate....their relatives or the goodwill....where it will be recirculated to eBay.


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I see lots of complaints on faces, but what about using them on your legs or your partner's legs? Yes, I know...knees are a bit challenging...


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rajuorbhikhu wrote:words of about a quality post!

Great head does!


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I'll admit when I got these in the mail and looked at 'em my first thought was "Oh hell,I just wasted that money,this cant possibly be any good."But I was very surprised at how well the blades shaved and even how well that cheesy looking rubber-band looking connection worked.I'm used to a 5 blade razor so Im able to use it without worrying about clogging it up,I just use the cheap old standby Barbasol cream and it gave an excellent shave,better than the expensive one I normally use possibly.If i can get at least 3 shaves per blade I will be thoroughly satisfied and will probably re-buy if these come up again.Money well spent this time.


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These are terrible!! Worst razor I have ever purchased. The blades last ONE shave if they are not already dull from the start. The design allows the razor to completely clog up VERY easily with no way for you to wash it out.



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These are garbage. One of the boxes of blades I received had a wallgreens sticker on it that said to report if you got it from another source. My handle broke while I was experementing with how to change blades. Figuring I was ass out if I just threw everything out I went to walgreens and dropped $10 on another handle and 3 blades.

I've been shaving my head and face with a mach 3 for about 10 years now. This razor does not compare. Do not buy this product, its a waste of money.


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wow , lasted a whole 4 days .... then broke a tab and now I'm a pack or refills looking for a handle ..


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DULL, truly dull blades. I have a relatively light beard, use TJ's shaving cream, and these blades (I've tried 3 now) are, out-of-the-box, just plain dull. Can't imagine passing these off to anyone -into the garbage they go