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Garlic, Oil, and Plates

Let's cut through all the bullcrap cooking show propaganda: the only things you *really* need to make most food awesome are olive oil and garlic. And a lot of what you'll find below is both. So don't get suckered in buying arugula and thyme and all that weird paleo-diet crap. Buy some meat. Buy some vegetable. Douse it. Eat.

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This is a great place to convince each other we need these by sharing great recipes. How about it, folks?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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3 happy reviews on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Garlic-Gold-Oil-250ml-bottle/dp/B000JM81E6


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garlicgold.com has a section of recipes...some sound yummy!


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Holy thread revival, Batman!

Anyway, just wanted to chime in and say we LOVE these things - both the nuggets and the oil. We usually pour some oil into a ramekin and dump in some nuggets. Then we dip fresh, homemade bread in it. Heavenly.

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