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Utensils, Metensils

The thing about eating with your hands is this: no matter how awesome it may be, it tends to provoke a negative response from repressed, boring, overcivilized types. You know, the kind of people you're going to have to humor at dinner parties and holidays. Better to have some utensils on hand, because there's just no teaching those snobs.


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See how this works, we sell some Corelle, we sell some things to eat off the Corelle with. Everyone wins!

Which pattern fits your style?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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same picture for richmond and windsor for the initial item picture!



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I hadn't ever seen 18/0 before, so I looked it up.
Here's a
Great Link
I found explaining the differences in the grade.

Turns out the 18/0 might not be such a great thing to buy -- won't keep the shine.
Too bad, I kinda liked the design.
oh well .


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This is a very good price for the WMF stainless utensils. My usual stalking horse for good buys in this area is cutleryandmore.com, and their 60-piece sets are all $179.