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Core Bamboo Vases

Bamboo. Nature's favored prison building material/hammock/pungee stick. But there are uses for it besides those you've seen in old Hong Kong films; for example, you can shape it into a vase and sell it on Woot. I know, I know, it sounds farfetched. But look below; I can prove it!
Core Bamboo official site


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These look like they need flowers. Has anyone ever taken a flower arranging class, or do you do what I do and just slap those flowers in at random?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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what good is a vase you can't put water in?? things that make you to hmmmmmm

What Contemptible Scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch??


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Can you put water in them? Will they leak? I can't find that information anywhere.


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enoki wrote:Can you put water in them? Will they leak? I can't find that information anywhere.

I e-mailed corebamboo customer service.

Our vases are not meant to hold water. They are meant for dried flowers and other decorative accessories.

so...I guess no water. at least to be safe!


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My wife has taken many Japanese flower arranging classes. It's actually rather complicated - there are several distinct styles and it takes a long time to internalize the artistic sensibility behind a truly beautiful arrangement.


Or, for the rest of us, there's this: