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Feed the Birds

Birds are like people: always coming around and demanding things. What's a human being to do? Well, with people, you can trespass 'em. With birds, you've got to feed them. Use one of these feeders and maybe you'll get a bird army. Then you can send them to peck all the people saying "Boo hoo hoo, Woot didn't use trespass right."

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  • (10:57 AM, 12/18/2012) dns12999 digs out the Ranger Rick magazines to help with squirrels.
  • (11:09 AM, 12/18/2012) rdermyer brings action clips.


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Like many home related things, often the sheer amount of choice can boggle the mind. How do you choose the best bird feeder?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I've had the electric flipper model several years.Top quality construction,durable thick cast metal parts.I've never had the pleasure of seeing a squirrel try to raid it,but it must work because once I let the battery run down and there were chew marks around the feed holes.No real damage though.For charging the base unit with perch twists off with a quarter turn,and the charger plugs into the base.Battery lasts at least a week or two depending on how stupid your squirrels are.If I had to replace it,I might go for the dipper or whipper models simply because they are motor and battery-less.They are all top quality units though and will outlast many cheapo feeders.

Here it is in action-hilarious!



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inkycatz wrote:Like many home related things, often the sheer amount of choice can boggle the mind. How do you choose the best bird feeder?

I Bet on Sky


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Or if you want to keep the squirrels out of your bird feeder put some cayenne pepper in. The birds can't feel the heat but the squirrels do. If you think this is cruel I read it in a Ranger Rick magazine when I was younger. http://www.nwf.org/kids/ranger-rick.aspx


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Here's another set of action clips:

Go to 2:24 to skip the narration about how awesome it is to watch the squirrel clip compilation.


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Now I have that song from Mary Poppins in my head.

"Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag."

Damn you, Woot!


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miken927 wrote:

Those examples must be from Home Depot. I've had the displeasure of owning 2 of them. Both were chewed up by my squirrels, even the "squirrel proof" one.

I currently have a Brome Squirrel Buster Mini (not one of the ones offered here) that I am very impressed with. The thing is armored. Thus, I'll posit that the Squirrel Buster Peanut is of similar quality and I have no qualms in recommending it.


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The flipper is a riot. I used to work for the Audubon Society, which had one, and I could watch squirrels get tossed all day.


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I have a Brome Squirrel Buster Plus (different than the peanut feeder for sale here), and I love it. This is my second year using it, and the wily squirrels still haven't figured it out. The cardinal ring broke when a raccoon knocked it down, and the company sent me a new part for free . . . no questions asked. Top quality company. Well worth the money.


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Feeding the birds is the best. The very best.


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I have had the flipper for years. Love it. I finally had to get a replacement battery (amazon). I might go with the dipper the next time, but it is funny watching squirrel try to get seed. The best they can do is drop onto the bar causing it to spin for a second and causing a little seed to drop. A lot of work for a little seed! Sometimes if they are feeling brave, they hang on for a ride... on purpose I guess... and get a little more seed. Not sure if its fun for them, but I could have sworn I saw one posing on the way to the ground as his buddy shook his head.


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We've had the whipper a couple years, and it works great. Not only have I watched it foil the crafty squirrels in my yard, but I'm pretty certain it has convinced them to move out, probably to a neighbor's yard with a less effective feeder. They still stop by to pick up the scraps off the ground, but otherwise I hardly ever see them. It also keeps most of the grackles away, as they're too heavy to stay on the whipping perch. Occasionally, a determined one will grip the perch and feed sideways, but most of them stay away. That said, larger songbirds will have a similar issue. Our cardinals are hit or miss. Some like it, some don't.


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The Brome Peanut Feeder is excellent. It's our first feeder to feed the birds without glutting the squirrels. Highly recommended.


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I bought the Flipper for my dad a few years ago after the great Squirrel War of '09 and it's been great. Not only is it effective against squirrels it's quite entertaining.

My dad has some well fed birds and if three or four fat doves sit on the bar at the same time the bar slowly starts to spin and the doves frantically look at each other as if saying, 'Hey! Where did my food hole go? Hey! Here's another one! Hey! Where did my food hole go?"

That being said, it's only $89.99 at Amazon with free shipping.

So... good product. No deal.