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Bathroom Beauty: Throom Throom Throom

If you have friends over and they want to sneak away, where do they go? That's right. The bathroom. The acoustics are perfect, it's secluded, and it might even look nice. That is, if you're smart. Because the kind of people who sneak away at a party are also the kind of people who gossip about how your bathroom looks.


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Time for a little bathroom makeover?

What's the color theme you have or want in your master bath?

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I may purchase a couple of sets of the shower curtains to spice up my windows in my home.

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Any thoughts on the towel warmers?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Woot's 'Towel Warmer Dual Position' unit looks exactly like this Amazon Warmrails model.

It's currently selling for $149 and has 4/5 stars with 16 reviews.

The Amazon review also has a couple of photos of the lower rack extended. I LOVE it, but no dough right now. Waaah.