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Boot Trays

Your boots. Loyal friends, helping you keep traction, tying your outfit together, protecting you from losing your toes to a brutal, protracted, and painful frostbite episode. But what have you ever done them? Did you get them Christmas presents? Ever give them a massage? No? Well, the least you could do is get them someplace nice to rest after a long day of being stuck to your odious feet.

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Do you have a boot tray? No? Then how do you keep the mud from getting all over?

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Can any detail be provided as to the weight of this item or thickness of the metal. This would allow me to get a feel of the sturdiness of the item. Many thanks.


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inkycatz wrote:Do you have a boot tray? No? Then how do you keep the mud from getting all over?

I have a boot tray....but I use it to hold the dogfood & water bowls. Really excellent at keeping the mess from going all over the floor. I have to say though, mine isn't as pretty as the ones offered here.

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I've never heard of boot trays... When I lived in a place where it snowed we would just lay out an old towel. This is a much classier option.


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I broke down and bought the sage boot tray. We live in a shotgun-style house, and the baby's room is the back room, which means my husband's always walking into her room from the back door with nasty shoes. The boot tray matches the stuff in her room and hopefully it'll reduce the grossness. Yay!


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I bought one of these on amazon last season and within a few weeks it had rusted along the bottom folds. My suggestion is to stick to rubber for boot trays, there are plenty of rubber trays with raised edges where you do not need to worry about it rusting.

They are pretty though - I have installed a rubber lining on my rusted one so I can still use it because I didn't want to throw it out.