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Mikasa Countryside Serving Pieces

Community service MIGHT actually require you to dish out mac and cheese, but why use plain old plastic? Add a touch of class to your service with these service options. They'll make things a little nicer, even if you're only serving yourself.


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jillianashlee wrote:Everyone needs an asparagus server!

You know, I think she might be right on this.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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inkycatz wrote:You know, I think she might be right on this.

Uh... tell you what. YOU can get yourself a nice, shiny asparagus server; I'll head over to sport.woot and get that Cold Steel Voyage knife to stab the asparagus to death with.



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I was actually going to buy this whole set but then read reviews on amazon. Not buying any now, I wish I bought the set last week that was all silver / stainless steel rather than the white handles.