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Core Bamboo XL Cutting Board - 3 Styles

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The end is near...

/braces for impact


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No woot I do not need any cutting boards. I have plenty. I know, I know, you can never have enough...believe me I have hit the point of "enough".


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Moueska wrote:The end is near...

/braces for impact

yep this ones a woot-off ender. I bet they have a warehouse full of these things. I already bought one last fall.

I was hoping they would throw us a few more little deals like the cosmo drink.

I guess now I have to get some stuff done.
it's such a let down. my eyes are glazed over. I have no idea what I bought today.
a lot of monkeys. they had the last cape version and the new one. how can I resist a monkey.


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These are far thicker than the usual lot at 0.75" thick. Most of the inexpensive ones you find are only 0.25"-0.33" thick.

They're also quite large at 20" x 14". That's great for spanning over a sink or between two stove burners, which is handy when your counters are in use with other things.

I have a decent bamboo cutting board, but I'm thinking about getting one of these too.


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Any word on formaldehyde-free glue?