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Safavieh Lamps and Tables

Lamps and tables are so much better together. Without tables, lamps would just have to sit on the floor, and then you'd be lit from all kinds of weird angles. And without lamps, you'd stumble around in the dark and whack your knee or big toe on the table and then curse a lot. Both scenarios are just so unbecoming.
Safavieh official site


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I love having a table in my entryway. I like the look and it's a good place to place things like my keys. What's on your console table?

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Can someone clarify whether this is a yellow lamp as pictured, or a "clear red ceramic" one as described in the text? Here's a link to a red one at BBB in the $170 range.http://www.safaviehhome.com/modern-table-lamps-paris-lamp-orange/lit4024b

The Safavieh site has it in yellow for $195. http://www.safaviehhome.com/Furniture/Lamps/Table-Lamps/?sort=pricedesc

PS top link to their site gives a 404 error.


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I wonder about the color too. The description says light blue but the picture looks like sea green.


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Forgive my ignorance, but what is the height? The specs given are 13.4"x21.5"x18.1"...Is it length x width x height?


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juliekayb wrote:Forgive my ignorance, but what is the height? The specs given are 13.4"x21.5"x18.1"...Is it length x width x height?

At least on the AMH4010A side table listed on Safavieh's website, it's D x H x W.


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From the "specs" tab for this table:

Dimensions: 30" H x 40" W x 14" D


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Hey folks! We had our super ace buyer update a few of the titles and fix some of the text quirks you all pointed out. Additionally, the dimensions should be all updated.

Hope that helps, buy three (of each!).

I'm just hanging out, really.