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Pyrex Prep, Store & Bake 28pc Set

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4 years ago
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Hey look, a Previous Sale

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I want this but I'm cheeeeeaaaap ;(


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Nice deal, and you can't go wrong with Pyrex.... but I already have some of those pieces and bought a different glass storage collection last year - no need for dupes.


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These are great multipurpose containers. In addition to cooking I use one to store my tampons (one for new ones, and one for used ones) and another as a cat litter box. My ex also had one at the gym to hold his dirty socks, underwear, jock, etc. The great thing is that being glass, they don't hold germs or odors, and I can just pop them in the dishwasher and use them for food.


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I just bought the 19 pc set yesterday.. these look nice though


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Never again. <-PERIOD

Over time all my lids have either warped, cracked or no longer fit tightly. I never put them in the dishwasher and never left them on while heating. I did that once an killed a lid and learned that lesson.

Now I only go with the containers that have silicon gaskets and snap-lock type lids.