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Haier 8K Portable Unit

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bought one of these a year ago. it gets cold for about an hour or so, and then just...stops being cold. only cooling a small living room with it, and everything is hooked up right. it's just garbage now. i'd skip this refurb and get a new one. wish i did.


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rooftopsuicideclub wrote:bought one of these a year ago. it gets cold for about an hour or so, and then just...stops being cold. ...

I'm not staff, nor a HVAC tech, but if it's cold at first but stops being cold, then I would first suspect that the coils are freezing up.

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Got two of these from Woot at the start of last summer, as our new windows are smaller and window A/Cs no longer fit.

Just cranked them up this summer for out first round of 92 degree weather and high humidity and they worked fine. Most efficent? No. Better than central air? No. Made the house livable? Yes!

Hint: room placement is important. Last summer we had the downstairs one in the living room, and the adjoining kitchen stayed pretty warm. This year, we have it in the kitchen and the living room also stays comfortable. So experiment with yours to see if acentral location works better for you.

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