A Game Of Suds

A showerhead with thirty settings will allow you to do what showerheads are designed to do. Specifically, imagine yourself a mighty storm god judging the bubble people below.

DOOT doo dootdoot DOOT doo dootdoot DOOT doo dootdoot DOOT doo Behold, lowly bubble people! It is I, the Lord Of Rain, here to aim my mighty 30 Setting Showerhead in your direction! None shall survive what I shall refer to as my "wet wedding" for reasons that I won't explain in case anyone is waiting to marathon the season on Netflix! PSSSST PSSSSSSST taste the powerful streams PSSST PSSSSSST!

You there, sud of the East! I imagine you a butcher's boy, brought up to serve chops and loins, now chopping loins on the battlefield for your king! And yet, with a twist, I spray my powerful blast of water and pop your surface tension and send you down the drain! PSSSST! Hahahaha! Lord Of Rain!

And you, sweet Lady Sudsa. Once you dreamed of being highborn. Now, you are trapped in a ring of soap guards, like a bird in a cage. Here! I free you! PSSSST! And now, I break your heart by SPRAYING WATER ACROSS YOUR HOMELAND AND SENDING IT DOWN THE DRAIN! AHAHAHAHA! FEAR THE LORD OF RAIN, MY LADY! FEAR HIM!

George? Can you keep it down in the shower, honey? Please?

YES, MOTHER! You are lucky today, my suds. But let vigilance be your watchword. For tomorrow, there will be another shower. And then, my soapy friends, there may be no one to defend you.


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  • Experience your best shower ever with the 30-setting ultra-luxury chrome shower head
  • Choose from 14 single and 16 mixed flow patterns
  • Shower heads can be used separately or together for up to 30 different settings
  • Advanced 3-zone precision flow dial with self-cleaning jets
  • Click lever dial for easy turning
  • 3-way water diverter with built-in adjustable angle mount diverts water flow where you want it
  • Ergonomic handle gives you an extra-comfortable grip
  • Crafted from plastic and stainless steel with premium chrome finish
  • Installs in minutes without tools 
  • Includes 59" stainless steel super flexible hose with 100% brass inserts and nuts


Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Interlink


  • Rain
  • Massage
  • Aeration
  • Rain Massage
  • Rain/Aeration
  • Eco Rain
  • Water-Saving Pause Mode
  • Clean flexible nozzles by rubbing with fingers or soft bristled toothbrush
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, only vinegar and water if needed to remove mineral deposits
Flexible Hose Length: 59"
Gallons Per Minute: 2.5 GPM

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30-Setting Dual Combo Shower
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