Everyone Plays A Part

Hi, I’m Erin Stiles, and I’m here to audition for the role of “Woman With A Handheld Blender.”

So, um, here’s my headshot, my résumé, and an additional headshot of me with the Euro-Pro Ninja Warrior Handheld Blender & Food Processor. It’s the one I’ve worked with most in both my kitchen and my acting career.

Hmm? Well yes, actually. I’ve done a lot of my best work with the Euro-Pro Ninja Warrior Handheld Blender & Food Processor. It’s all right there in my résumé. This Patented Tri-Blade System and I have been blending, chopping, and acting together since I played Desdemona in a community theater version of Othello. I find that, with many of the roles I’ve played, there’s something about giving the character a lightweight, compact, versatile, and amazingly fast kitchen tool that helps me get inside their head. I try to think about the kinds of food they might prepare in the 40 ounce processor bowl and a 32 ounce beaker. Does she like milkshakes? Is she a big pesto fan? Is crushing ice into snow in seconds her way of filling the void left by a childhood without love? That sort of thing.

Sure, I’ll get started. This is a short piece I’ve prepared myself. It’s a monologue without words I call “Annie Blends The Soup And Thinks Of Home.” Let me just have a moment. Okay, here goes.

...Annnnnnnd scene! Whew! That one always takes the wind out of me. No, please, you don’t have to applaud. Really. So, um, will you be doing callbacks soon? Because I’m playing “Dead Hand Blender Girl #3” on Criminal Minds next month and I want to make sure this doesn’t interfere with my schedule.

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Warranty: 1 Year Euro-Pro

Condition: New


  • It may look like a simple immersion blender, but the Ninja Warrior is an indispensable handheld kitchen tool that not only blends, but also chops and even crushes frozen foods
  • Unique design makes it the first handheld kitchen tool with the ability to crush ice, turning it into snow in seconds
  • Patented Tri-Blade System
  • Comes with a storage lid, a splash guard, a 40 ounce processor bowl, and a 32 ounce blending cup… as well as the freedom to blend or crush ice in any container you choose
  • Lightweight, maneuverable, versatile, and amazingly fast
    - Purees soups into velvety goodness, blends creamy vinaigrettes, whips up cream, emulsifies mayonnaise or sauces in seconds, creates yummy milkshakes or smoothies, and even makes a perfect pesto
  • Easy to clean
    - Simply rinse off the blades and stick in between tasks, and when you’re done for the day, just remove the proprietary detachable triple blade system and put in the dishwasher
    - Plus, there is no need to transfer contents back and forth between sauce pots, bowls, and counter top blenders saving a lot of dirty dishes
  • Compact
    - Can be easily tucked into a cabinet or drawer without taking up lots of valuable storage space
  • See the Ninja Warrior In Action
Technical Specifications
Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
Power: 350 Watts
Blending Shaft Dimensions: 8.5"(H) x 3”(D)
Processor Bowl: 40 ounces (5 cups)
9”(H) x 6.25”(D)
Blending Jar: 32 ounces (4 cups)
7.75”(H) x 4.75”(D)
Power Cord Length: 64”


In the box:

  • Blending Shaft
  • Power Head
  • 40oz Processor Bowl
  • Ninja 4-Blade
  • Gear Box
  • 32oz Blending Cup
  • Splash Guard
  • Storage Lid
  • User Guide / Recipe Booklet



Euro-Pro NJ200 Ninja Warrior Handheld Blender and Food Processor, 350 Watt

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